Republican Propaganda Tactics

We call out different Republican propaganda tactics over time and show how they are able to manipulate the media with these efforts and to what ends. As we write and catalog the different tactics we see employed on social media, TV, radio, speeches and debates we'll use our mascot Pan -- aka "The Propaganda Panda" -- to disseminate our insights into their propaganda tactics.

Perhaps the most recognizable example of propaganda these days are conservatives using "woke" as a dog-whistle to their base in lieu of bigoted beliefs towards non-white straight males. "Wokism" is also vague and ambiguous which we'll explain that tactic as well. Anytime a conservative invokes "woke", you can reply with our future page calling them out and explaining what woke really is and what they hijacked it to be.

Eventually, we'll reach a quorum and officially release all our propaganda tactics as the "Republican Propaganda Online Handbook."

Propaganda Tactic Examples (Currently in Development & Not yet Organizted)

Accuse Your Opponent of that Which You are Guilty
Anti-LGBT Bigotry
Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories
Anti-Semitic Dog Whistles
Anti-Semitic Propaganda
Conspiracy Theories
Create False Bogeymen
Discredit Conservatives Deemed Insufficiently Loyal
Hijack Unfavorable Terms & Buzzwords
Outright Lies
Overt Anti-Semitic Propaganda
Party\Self Over Country
Repetition Repetition Repetition
Republican Propaganda
Shamelessness to Hypocrisy
Siding with Foreign Adversaries Over Democratic Presidents
Sow Distrust in Reliable News Sources
The System is Rigged
Use Catchphrases
Use Simple Phrases to Obfuscate Poor Arguments
Use Vague\Ambiguous Terms