Avoid Mistakes when Debating Republicans

Liberals make fewer mistakes and far better arguments than conservatives. It's easy when you have facts and reason on your side, and they have irrationality and extremism. If they cannot win an argument against you, then they will try to point out some mistake you made instead. One wrong detail, exaggeration, faulty logic or grammar mistake will be used against you no matter how minor.

The idea is conservatives are uncomfortable with overwhelming logic and facts that counter their worldview instilled by right-wing propaganda. To deal with this cognitive dissonance, they have to discredit the source. The most common way to do this is just dismiss a source or person as "liberal" which is a decades long propaganda tactic used by conservative media. But the other way they can discredit a source is if they can just find one mistake. So, it's best to try to avoid making them and not give conservatives any out to avoid dealing with the facts.