Call Out Egregious Spelling Mistakes by Conservatives

Sometimes if someone goes on an irrational rant, a great tactic is to simply respond with a grammar correction. Do not do this if it is possible the error is a typo as everyone makes typo mistakes these days due to auto-correct and the fast-paced nature of social media. Also, don't do this to difficult to spell words or if you think that English could be this person's second language. And if there is just one minor misspelling in a long post, this tactic will come across as petty.

So common mistakes things to do are to respond with “*you're” for example and even better if there are multiple typos, you can cite each in a single row or separate lines for effect:

*you're *its *they're

This works best when a post is not worthy of a response such as for incoherent rants and when a person calls other people stupid or engages in name calling. Do not explicitly point out that the person who calls people stupid made a stupid spelling mistake. Just pointing out the word misspelled with a * in front of it is the best way.

It should be avoided if someone is simply sharing something incorrect. In that case, just post a page that fact checks it from us or another source.