Trick Republicans into Falsely Claiming Liberal Media Bias

This technique exposes right-wingers fallacious tendency to dismiss the obvious truth because the source is not from a right-wing website. The goal here is to get them to dismiss your argument because of the “liberal” source and then confront them with a source that is really, really hard for them to dismiss.

As an example, find a bulletproof response to a right-winger such as with a quote from a video on showing a person saying something with full context. But rather than lead with that you save it for last. Instead, you first just post the quote without source. Then if it is falsely questioned, reply with a video of the same quote but from a respected mainstream source. If they question you again, reply with an article reporting the quote from Fox News or similar. If they deny that, then respond with a video clip of just the quote from Fox News. If they deny that, then you reply with the bulletproof actual video of the entire speech perhaps so they can see the full context of the quote.

So you can see the idea here. Right-wingers often think that anything that challenges their worldview is false and so will find ways to simply dismiss the source instead of responding. The goal here is to expose their tendency to always just refute things reflexively and you embarrass them by exposing their irrational tendency to just constantly reject anything that is discomforting to their mental psyche.