Reframe Republican Misdeeds as Committed by Democrats

Write out something bad Republicans did but as a trick replace their names with Democrats. The idea is that conservatives will reflexively attack anything bad about Republicans so you trick them into thinking it is about Democrats instead. And then you later reveal that you swapped the names out as a ploy to get them to accept something that Republicans did is actually bad (and true).

As the simple, easier option, you can give up the game right away at the very end of your post. In all likelihood, many Republicans may fall for it and internally believe that what was done was bad. And then when you reveal the trick, they have to contend with the notion that they thought something was bad that was actually done by Republicans.

We however prefer and love the option to not reveal the game in the original post and "go fishing for conservatives" instead. Wait for a conservative to reply in support of your post and then let them know the truth that it was about Republicans. Don't let them off the hook. Get them to admit the scandal is true and about Republicans. If they try to backtrack and say they were duped and cite some liberal tricks or what not, don't let them get away with it. Have fun with it. They got tricked and have to deal with the cognitive dissonance of their hypocrisy.

Who is Works on:

This tactic only works for hypocrites which is why it is so effective against Republicans. The idea is they will manufacture scandals and generate phony, excessive outrage on some perceived transgression on the left while ignoring, spinning or outright defending when someone on the right does far worse.

A great example that shows Republican hypocrisy here is this YouGov poll where most think something is a crime when presented neutrally:

- 73% of Republicans responded yes that it is a crime "for a candidate for elected office to pay someone to remain silent about an issue that may affect the outcome of an election"

- 76% of Republicans responded yes that it is a crime "for a candidate to fail to report spending campaign money on payments to keep someone silent about an issue that may affect the outcome of an election"

But when the same crime was represented coming from Donald Trump, the responses were hypocritically different:

- 45% of Republicans thought it was a serious issue that "an adult film star was paid $130,000 in October 2016 to remain silent about an alleged sexual encounter she had with Donald Trump that took place in 2006"

Real World Twitter Examples:

Framing Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump's corruption tainted dealings as from Hunter Biden

Framing a possible corrupt quid pro quo between Ivanka, Donald Trump and China as from Hunter Biden