Average Workers Depicted Negatively

Misrepresentation Bias  
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Conservative Trope Examples

  • Waiting (2005) | Workers Depicted as Lazy
    The vast majority of the servers and staff at the restaurant are teenagers or young adults who do the minimum amount of work required, spit in (or worse!) customers food if they send it back to the kitchen, and would rather be doing just about anything other than working.
  • Gib (Tom Arnold) exclaims, "the guy is a goddamn used car salesman!" about a man who lies about being a spy to try to sleep with Harry Tasker's wife (Jamie Lee Curtis).

How Trope is Biased


  • your average bad worker has very little impact on society compared to bad companies, and so any negative depiction of workers helps justify company policies less favorable to workers

Conservative Biases

  • Republicans favor policies that help businesses over average workers so anytime Hollywood depicts workers negatively it gives voters excuses to justify supporting those policies (e.g. workers are "lazy", "greedy", "selfish", "incompetent")