Wealthy People Sympathetic Victims

Inherent & Overrepresentation Biases  
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Conservative Trope Examples

How Trope is Biased


  • Sympathetic victims are important in writing good screenplays and so wealthy people will often be depicted as sympathetic along with average everyday people


  • In real-life, there aren't many scenarios or instances where wealthy people are sympathetic victims compared to average day people. But on screen, writers will find ways to depict wealthy people as sympathetic victims.
  • Wealthy people have advanced security systems & even bodyguards to protect against being physically attacked.
  • They have enough money to not have to worry about theft. They can easily replace anything of non-sentimental value.
  • They have access to the best health care including expensive experimental treatments if needed
  • Money to help friends and relatives in trouble or in need.

Conservative Biases

  • Playing the victim card is probably one of the biggest propaganda efforts by Republicans especially when it comes to wealth. So anytime wealthy people are depicted as sympathetic victims, that benefits them.