Modern Medicine Depicted Negatively

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Conservative Trope Examples

  • I Am Legend (2007)
    Scientists create a cure for cancer by genetically engineering a measles virus, but it mutates causing the ensuing zombie apocalypse the movie is based on.
  • Doc Hollywood (1991)
    Young NYC doctor Ben Stone (Michael J. Fox) thinks a child needs an emergency operation and ridicules the small town Dr. Hogue for suggesting he take a Coke instead. Before they airlift the kid to a hospital and cut him open with a very invasive operation, Dr Hogue comes to the rescue and discerns that the kid just drank too much homemade antacid and gives him a coke and charges 60 cents to emphasize his point.
    Staff Aside
    Screenwriters created a scenario where an old school rural doctor outsmarts a younger, highly skilled city doctor depicted as condescending by simply prescribing a can of coke.