Hollywood is Sexist

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Explanation of Conservative Trope

Trumpian conservatives regularly objectify women, social conservatives slut shame them and conservatives as a whole portray women negatively in many different ways which is reflected in countless sexist tropes in movies & TV shows.
Sexist Humor
  Crude Comments About Woman's Appearance for Laughs
  Crude Comments Objectifying Womens' Appearance for Laughs
  Sexual Assault or Rape Played for Laughs
  Women Objectified for Laughs
    Catcalling for Laughs
Sexist Terms About Women
  Crude Comments About Women
    Crude Comments About Woman's Appearance
      Body Shaming Women
      Crude Comments About Woman's Appearance for Laughs
      Women Slut Shamed for Their Appearance
    Crude Comments About Womens' Behavior
    Crude Comments Objectifying Womens' Appearance
      Crude Comments Objectifying Womens' Appearance for Laughs
  Sexist Movie & TV Titles
Women Depicted as Less Capable or Responsible
  Men Asking Fathers for Permission to Marry Their Daughters
  Women Depicted as Less Capable
    Women Acting Ditsy
    Women are Bad Drivers
    Women Bad at Using Guns
    Women Doing Things "Like a Girl"
    Women Portrayed as Dumb
      The "Dumb Blonde" False Stereotype
    Women Watch While Men Gamble
  Women Depicted as Less Responsible
    Fathers Overprotective of Daughters
    Wearing Inappropriate Clothing
      Women Wearing Inappropriately Revealing Clothing
    Women Losing Control
      Women Panicking
        Women Screaming in Fear
    Women Wearing High Heels in Inappropriate Situations
  Women Underrepresented in Groups
    Group of Men With a "Token" Woman
    Group of Men Without any Women
    Women Underrepresented in Historical Scenes
Women Depicted as Manipulative
  Women Depicted as Overly Controlling
  Women Falsely Accusing Men of Crimes
    Women Lying About Sexual Assaults
      Women Falsely Accusing Men of Rape
  Women Falsely Accusing Men of Wrongdoing
  Women Use or Take Advantage of Men
Women Used to Perpetuate Sexism
Women vs Men in Relationships
  Average Man Can Get a "Dream Woman"
  Men Glamorized as "Playboys"
    Wealthy Men Glamorized as Playboys on Screen
  Mothers Depicted Worse Than Fathers
  Women are Easily Smitten by Men
  Women Depicted as "High Maintenance"
  Women Interested in Unappealing Men
    Attractive Women Interested in "Losers"
    Women Attracted to "Bad Boys"
    Women Attracted to Men Who Treat Them Badly
      Women Attracted to Men who Abduct Them
    Women Interested in Much Less Attractive Men
  Women vs Men Sexism by Age
    Men With Much Younger Women is Normal
    Women Attracted to Much Younger Men is Not Normal
Womens' Behavior Depicted Negatively
  Crude Comments About Womens' Behavior
  Women Depicted as Deferential to Men
    Women Acting Normally to Sexist Behavior
    Women Let Men Treat Them Poorly
    Women Sacrificing Successful Careers for Men
  Women Depicted as Dependent on Men
    Women Depicted as Stereotypical “Housewife”
    Women Marry Men for their Money
    Women Need Men to Save Them
      Women Depicted as a "Damsel in Distress"
        Men Holding Woman's Hand Leading Her to Safety
  Women Depicted as Shallow or Superficial
    Women Overly Concerned with Appearance
      Women Overly Concerned with Apparel
    Women Overly Concerned with Being Popular
  Women Stand by Their Men Despite Reasons Not To
    Men Ogling Other Women Tolerated
    Stand by Their Men Even if They Commit Crimes
    Women Stand by Unfaithful Men
Womens' Sexuality Portrayed Negatively
  Sexual Misconduct Not Taken Seriously
    Sexual Assault Not Taken Seriously
      Sexual Assault of Nonconsenting Woman Not Taken Seriously
      Sexual Assault or Rape Played for Laughs
    Sexual Harassment Not Taken Seriously
    Taking Advantage of Drunk Women Acceptable
    Unwarranted Kisses are Acceptable
  Women Depicted as a Prize to be Won or Owned
    Men Competing for the Same Woman
    Men Get Dream Woman with Enough Money
    Overly Aggressive Pursuit of Women Works
      Men Pursuing Women Despite Known Relationships
  Women Having Sex Depicted Negatively
    If a Man Cheats, the Woman is to Blame
    Women Getting Pregnant Depicted Negatively
    Women Slut Shamed for Their Behavior
      Women Slut Shamed for Having Sex
    Women Using Sex Appeal to Get Stuff From Men
      Women Flashing to Get Stuff from Men
      Women Using Sex to Get Stuff from Men
  Women Not Having Sex Depicted Negatively
  Women Objectified on Screen
    Catcalling Normalized
      Catcalling for Laughs
    Crude Comments Objectifying Womens' Appearance
      Crude Comments Objectifying Womens' Appearance for Laughs
    Men Signing Womens' Breasts
    Women Acting Normal to Objectification
      Women Unaware of Obvious Objectification
        Women "Too Dumb" to Realize They are Being Objectified
        Women "Too Oblivious" to Realize They are Being Objectified
    Women Helping Objectify Women
    Women Objectified for Laughs
      Catcalling for Laughs
    Women Objectified in Overly Gratuitous Scenes
    Women Objectified in Unneeded Scenes
    Women Objectified via Cliches
      Beauty Pageants in Film & TV
      Car Wash Scenes that Objectify Women
      Sexy Women Bodyguards
      Women Blowing on Dice for Luck
      Women Cheerleaders Objectified
      Women Love Pillow Fights
      Women Oil Wrestling
    Women Spied on in Film & TV
      Women Spied on via Hidden Camera
    Womens' Looks Used as a Distraction to Men
      Women Flashing as a Distraction to Men
      Womens' Looks Used as a Distraction to Men for Laughs
  Womens’ Appearance Depicted Negatively
    Crude Comments About Woman's Appearance
      Body Shaming Women
      Crude Comments About Woman's Appearance for Laughs
      Women Slut Shamed for Their Appearance
    Women Need a Makeover
    Women Slut Shamed for Their Appearance
Notable Sexist Movies:
Love Actually Sexism

Conservative Trope Examples

  • In the opening scene, the daughter tells her fiancé how sweet it was that he asked her father for permission to marry her.
    Staff Aside
    What makes this instance worse is that her father runs a motorcycle street gang, and she finds it sweet that he asked her father of all people.
  • Rizzoli gives Isles an FBI shirt she asked for after her trip to Quantico, but it is revealed she gave her a "Female Body Inspector" joke FBI shirt that she quickly grabbed at the airport by mistake.
  • Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) questions Laird's (James Franco) motives with his daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) from the start and encourages her to reconsider her relationship with him on multiple occasions.
    Staff Aside
    Laird is over-the-top eccentric and says everything that is on his mind regardless of whether it's kosher or not.
  • Laird (James Franco) tells Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) her mom "is a MILF. Like, a genuine MILF. And if it wasn't your MILF, she'd be a MIWF, a mother I would f*ck" even after she asks him to stop talking about "how hot my mom is."
  • An attractive staff member at a lavish party walks up to a disheveled Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) in his Santa costume, hands him a glass of whisky they both quickly chug and then takes him to a private room where she pleasured him with her hand.
  • Bad Santa 2 (2016) | Women Objectified on Screen
    Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) stops and stares at a group of women wearing tight athletic garb in a cycling class as the camera zooms in and focuses on various women's backsides.
  • Diane (Christina Hendricks) drives up to Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) and tells him that even though she's married she isn't happy and "sometimes I need to be bad." They then go have sex next to a dumpster in an alley while she repeatedly asks him to say degrading and dehumanizing things to her.
  • Bad Santa 2 (2016) | Women Objectified for Laughs
    Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) stares at a voluptuous young woman breastfeeding her child while driving a car and crashes into a valet stand because he is focusing on her.
  • Bass fisherman Skeet Martin very aggressively pursues Jane throughout the episode even creepily renaming his boat from "Skeetster" to "Janester." Yet at the very end she relents and watches the sunset in his boat parked on the street while drinking champagne. It is only for ten minutes, but she tells him to call her the next time he's in Boston.
  • Entourage (2015) | Men Glamorized as "Playboys"
    Vince (Adrian Grenier) is glamorized as a stereotypical "playboy" partying throughout the movie including on a yacht.
  • Trainwreck (2015)
    Colin Quinn portraying Amy Townsend's (Amy Schumer) dad tells her he has "no desire for an oriental woman to touch me above the waist" after she encourages him to get acupuncture therapy.
    Staff Aside
    While played for laughs, the comment plays into the trope about Asian women giving men "happy endings" after a massage.
  • Kingsman The Secret Service (2014) | Women Objectified in Overly Gratuitous Scenes
    Princess Tilde (Hanna Alstrom) promises Eggsy (Taron Egerton) that "we can do it in the asshole" if he saves the world after visiting with her outside of the room she's being held prisoner in. After Eggsy saves the world he grabs a bottle of champagne and two glasses and sprints to the room Princess Tilde is being held in, loosens his tie, and then enters her room. Then the camera zooms in on her naked bottom right as the movie ends.
  • Kingsman The Secret Service (2014) | Group of Men With a "Token" Woman
    Roxy (Sophie Cookson) is the only woman Kingsman to graduate after the other women candidates were killed off within minutes during training.
  • A woman tells Beckett that a pregnant woman who lived with her was "knocked up" and had "no money, no prospects."
  • Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) hires a beautiful young woman on the spot despite her having "no work experience at all." Later Kurt does it again and hires two additional good-looking young women who aren't qualified for the job. After Nick tell him he has to "stop hiring hot, unqualified women" he says "what's the point of being the boss if you can't stock the pond a little?"
  • A young social media influencer woman is depicted as vapid in her conversation with Beckett where she also refuses to listen to reason that she is in danger being a target of a serial killer and she has important things to do. She snaps out of it when she reaches her car and sees her friend dead in the passenger seat.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) | Women Spied on via Hidden Camera
    Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) points to a teddy bear in his child's room and tells his wife there is a hidden camera inside of it after she sensually exposed herself with her legs wide open and no underwear on, but then tells him she isn't going to be intimate with him for "a very, very, very long time."
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) | Sexual Assault Not Taken Seriously
    Jordan sexually assaults female flight attendants in first class during boarding to the tune of the very upbeat song "Sloop John B." Not only is he still allowed to fly -- albeit strapped to his seat -- he is released without any charges after landing in Switzerland.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) | Men Glamorized as "Playboys"
    Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) is glamorized as a playboy with excessive partying, women, sports cars and living it up in mansions.
  • We're the Millers (2013) | Women Objectified for Laughs
    Jennifer Aniston encourages new dancer "Kimberly with a Y" to come up with a stage name to help protect herself from all the creeps who frequent the strip club they work at. She asks Kimberly if she has a nickname and she excitedly replies "totally!" as she proudly shows off her stomach tattoo that spells out "Boner Garage" with an arrow pointing downwards. Moments later the manager walks in and yells for "Boner Garage" to head to the stage.
  • The Miller family is in deep trouble with a Mexican drug cartel when Jennifer Aniston offers to perform a strip tease for its leader to prove she's "worth way more alive than I am dead." She proceeds to do a 1 minute 58 second dance in which she stripped down to her nude colored underwear, showered herself, literally sent sparks flying and gave the cartel leader a lap dance. After nobody in the family got her subtle hints to go after the cartel leader while his head was buried in her chest she took it upon herself to attack him by hitting him with a pipe which was followed by a heavy gust of steam.
  • We're the Millers (2013) | Attractive Women Interested in "Losers"
    Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts) goes out with a boy who talks using stereotypical dumb young people slang and has a misspelled "No Ragrets" tattoo on his collar bone that when asked says he has no regrets about getting it.
  • We're the Millers (2013) | Women Bad at Using Guns
    Daughter Casey Mathis and mother Rose O'Reilly both panic when father David Clark disarms a drug dealer trying to kill them all. Scared Casey picks up the gun and treats it like a hot potato and passes it to Rose who is also over the top scared of the gun and also treats it like a hot potato until it accidentally goes off shooting the bad guy in the shoulder. It wounds him just enough for the son Kenny to save the day by knocking out the bad guy with a punch.
  • Grown Ups 2 (2013) | Women Objectified for Laughs
    Squats Fitness janitor Jon Lovitz begins a ladies fitness class over protests that their instructor hasn't arrived and has them begin with breathing exercises that "really stretch out those lungs," which has the effect of making the women's breasts appear larger and more refined. He then has the ladies "shimmy, shake those shoulders back and forth" as ogles at the ladies breasts bouncing back and forth.
  • Grown Ups 2 (2013) | Women Objectified for Laughs
    Multiple men ogle a ballet teacher in a very revealing outfit as she leads a performance with kids on stage for families in the audience. While the kids dance normally, her moves are depicted in an over the top gratuitous way. Chris Rock and David Spade appear stunned while Nick Swardson and Shaquille O'Neal stand with mouths agape. David Spade waves four $1 bills as if he were at a strip club. Kevin James is shown filming the performance with his camcorder and his wife says "look at her!" excited about their daughter. He responds "I am. I'm looking at her!" as he focuses on the ballet teacher instead.
  • Grown Ups 2 (2013) | Women Objectified via Cliches
    The guy's wives dressed in bikini's dramatically appear from behind the fire truck right before a pickup basketball game starts.
  • Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) interrupts Dana multiple inappropriate times when she is busy at work including in a Google pod quiet area in an attempt to ask her out. Despite his behavior, she eventually agrees to go to dinner with him and they end up dating.
  • The Internship (2013) | Average Man Can Get a "Dream Woman"
    Google team leader Lyle is depicted as very awkward and not good with women, yet he is able to date the very attractive Google dance instructor who he met at a strip club.
  • The Way Way Back (2013) | Women Depicted as Dependent on Men
    Pam (Toni Collette) is depicted as very dependent on her boyfriend Trent (Steve Carell) who also treats her and her son poorly throughout the entire movie. She also still stays with him despite finding out he cheated on her. Pam's only act to stand up for herself is she moved to sit next to her son rather than Trent in their station wagon in the closing scene.
  • The girls are depicted as vapid and superficial, and there is a scene on the beach where Steph tells her boyfriend Chad that she wants to go in the water, and he responds angrily to then go because, apparently, she is very dependent on him.
  • The Way Way Back (2013) | Women Objectified for Laughs
    Owen (Sam Rockwell) has a waterslide attendant make a woman in a bikini wait so he and his new young and shy protégé can ogle her for 34 seconds (yes, we timed it). And then, they slide down right after her where Owen pretends to lose his balance after landing in the water as an excuse to grab onto the woman's waist.
  • Debbie (Leslie Mann) asks Desi (Megan Fox) to change in to some clothing from her store and she casually takes her dress off and stands in her bra and underwear while chatting with Debbie without going behind a curtain for privacy. Naturally, Debbie is in awe of Desi's uber-thin and voluptuous body, so she asks "are those real?" as she admires her breasts. Desi says they are and asks "do you want to touch them?" Of course Debbie does and spends the next nineteen seconds grabbing, groping, poking and pushing Desi's breasts.
    Staff Aside
    This scene is obviously done to the benefit of heterosexual men who love to believe that women actually do stuff like this. You'd never see something like this portrayed with men on screen.
  • Jason (Jason Segel) and Ronnie (Chris O'Dowd) compete for Desi's (Megan Fox) attention, with Ronnie saying "mine" after they both notice her swimming in a bikini.
  • Debbie (Leslie Mann) sticks with Pete (Paul Rudd) even after she finds out he's been repeatedly lying to her about giving his dad tens of thousands of dollars, missing a mortgage payment, and not paying the rent on his office.
  • Eve (Naomie Harris) picks up James Bond in a range rover as they follow a bad guy in a car. When her side mirror gets knocked off during the chase, he sarcastically says "that's alright, you weren't using it." And then despite Eve being the driver, James Bond is the one who stops the bad guy's car by grabbing onto the steering wheel and turning it abruptly to force a crash. Bond follows the bad guy with a motorcycle and Eve tails them with the range rover as they end up on top of a train. She has a sniper shot on the bad guy but says it is not "clean." She's ordered to take the shot anyways and accidentally shoots James Bond letting the bad guy get away. When Bond later shows up alive at MI6, he tells Eve that field work is not for everyone which is a hint to the ending when it is revealed that Eve leaves fieldwork to become the new Moneypenny.
    Staff Aside
    You don't often see this the other way around on screen where a woman takes charge over a man depicted as less capable.
  • Severine (Berenice Marlohe) is a former sex slave who asks James Bond to kill the villain she works for, Silva. On the way to Silva's island via yacht, Severine takes a shower alone. Despite no prior romantic interactions between the two, James Bond just enters the shower with Severine, seduces her and they have sex.
    Staff Aside
    Nobody can resist James Bond!
  • The Dictator (Sacha Baron Cohen) has sexy uniformed bodyguards who also wear high heels.
    Staff Aside
    This is satire, of course, making fun of real-life sexist dictators, but the jokes still perpetuate negative stereotypes;such as, the women bodyguards dress sexy and wear high heels. You rarely if ever see comparable satirical scenes about men.
    Additional Tropes: Sexy Women Bodyguards
  • Horrible Bosses (2011) | Women Use or Take Advantage of Men
    Dr. Julia (Jennifer Aniston) sexually harasses her dental assistant Dale (Charlie Day) every chance she gets throughout the entire film. She pressures him into having sex with her on a number of occasions, purposefully sprays water on his crotch and says she can "make out our little friend right there," locks him in her office wearing only her white dental coat and high heels, and even attempts to forcibly have sex with him while his fiancé is unconscious on the exam chair by telling him that "I'm going tell her you f*cked me, Dale. If you don't f*ck me, I'm going to tell her you f*cked me."
  • Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) has a number of drinks with Professor Carl at a bar before telling him that a fantasy of hers is "getting fu*ked really hard against a wooden desk" in someone's office. Carl excitedly invites her to his office, but when they get there to presumably have sex, she drugs his glass of wine and then steals the answers to a statewide test she was after.
  • Bad Teacher (2011) | Women Depicted as Manipulative
    Elizabeth falsely claims she's pregnant in a desperate attempt to keep her fiancé after he breaks up with her for only being with him because he's rich.