Wealth Glamorized

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Main Description

Conservatives are much more favorable to the wealthy and corporations than the middle class. One of the ways they get average earners to go along with this is by showing wealth in a positive light. Glamorizing wealth allows people to see how much fun it is to have money, and they will dream about having some of the same experiences one day. Maybe if they save enough money, or work harder or get lucky with investments or even win the lottery. It shows that having a lot of money is a good thing to aspire to.

If you are content with a happy, good middle class life you may be more inclined to vote against the interests of wealthy people in America. That won't change much regardless of how wealth is depicted on screen. But if you want to make a lot of money -- even if the odds of that happening are low -- you are more likely than average to vote for the interests of wealthy Americans. And if you see wealth glamorized on screen repeatedly and how fun it is to be wealthy, you're more likely to have a mentality where you want to make a lot of money.

Conservative Trope Examples