Travel Glamorized

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Explanation of Conservative Trope

People and families on screen experience travel a lot differently than an ordinary American family. More often than not they will fly first class or private, stay in luxury resorts, play rounds of golf at the most exclusive clubs, partake in the most extravagant excursions, dine at the finest restaurants, and do whatever else their hearts desire because money is no object. 

Main Description

Travel is depicted with a major conservative bias in TV and movies, with the vast majority of vacations being something only wealthy people can afford in real life. Think of all the vacations your favorite movie and TV characters have taken over the years. Did they get there by flying on a private jet or first class and stay in the Presidential Suite at a 5-Star resort or did they fly coach and stay in a garden view room at a more modest hotel? Hollywood makes it seem like money is of no concern when it comes to travel, but that is only true for the most wealthy among us.

Conservative Trope Examples