Women Interested in Much Less Attractive Men

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Explanation of Conservative Trope

A common sexist trope is having women portrayed as much more attractive than a man yet she is still interested in him. It makes a great story to root for the underdog but unfortunately for women, they are rarely the underdog in this case. They rarely portray a man interested in a much less attractive woman on screen.

Conservative Trope Examples

  • Dumb and Dumber (1994)
    Harry and Lloyd are depicted as unattractive losers who are extremely dumb (hence the title). Yet when stranded on a desert highway, a Hawaiian Tropic tour bus stops and several women in bikinis open their windows to greet them. A few women come out and say they need "two oil boys who can grease us up before each competition," but because they are so dumb they point them towards town rather than get on board.
    Staff Aside
    This is obviously played for laughs, but in what world would two guys like Harry and Lloyd be asked to be oil boys for a traveling bikini team?!