Women Blowing on Dice for Luck

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Explanation of Conservative Trope

Whether it is suggestively done or platonically, women are more often depicted as "accessories" to men gambling such as being "good luck charms".

Conservative Trope Examples

  • Iron Man (2008)
    Tony Stark flirts with a couple women while playing craps and invites one of them suggestively blow on his dice for good luck. He asks Rhodey (Terrence Howard) to also blow on them for luck, but he pushes his hand away saying "I don't blow on a man's dice" causing an unlucky snake eyes crap roll. The scene at the table exudes glamour and excitement, and even after losing that lost roll, Tony leaves happy.
  • Tomcats (2001)
    Michael (Jerry O'Connell) is $25,500 down at the craps table while trying to impress an attractive woman Amber who, in an overly gratuitous green cocktail dress, rubs the dice on her breasts, blows on them suggestively and flirts with him as he loses. His friend Steve tries to intervene before Michael does a double or nothing bet and convinces him he cannot afford it. Amber, despite obviously being able to hear what was said, throws the dice seemingly unaware Michael wants to stop, and he loses owing the casino $51,000 -- which he doesn't have.