Women Watch While Men Gamble

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Explanation of Conservative Trope

There are many instances during gambling scenes with women supporting their men while they gamble, but rarely will you see this the other way around where a woman is gambling with a man standing next to her but not playing.

Main Description

Women are often depicted as passive supporters during gambling as simple observers, good luck charms or deferential partners while men play. This is most commonly shown in craps, poker & blackjack which require more skill to do well. There are many instances of women shown gambling, but when they are, usually the men are gambling too. A man and his wife both gambling in one scene but a girlfriend watching as her boyfriend gambles in other. And when women are shown gambling on their own, it's often at games that are simpler like slot machines. While you may see women standing passively next to men actively gambling, you won't often see it the other way around on screen.

Conservative Trope Examples

  • The Hangover (2009)
    Alan, Phil and Stu all sit down to play blackjack once Alan, who can count cards ala Rain Man, signals them that the deck is in their favor. Jade stands behind Stu and does not play. They make a lot of money quickly with big bets, but eventually the pit boss catches on and they are stopped. Turns out they made enough money to save their buddy Doug, but it would have helped to have a fourth player.