Men Get Dream Woman with Enough Money

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Conservative Trope Examples

  • Lord of War (2005)
    Model Ava Fontaine is depicted as a dream woman for Yuri Orlov to win with him saying, "I've worshiped Ava Fontaine since I was ten years old." So after he makes a lot of money illegally selling arms, he sets up a phony photoshoot so he can win her over. As also according to Yuri, "You can't force someone to fall in love with you but, you can definitely improve your odds" as he escorts her to a plane he rented to try to impress her. He narrates the scene, "It cost me twenty grand to book her for a fake photo shoot, another twelve to buy out the hotel. I nearly went broke trying to convince her I was anything, but I knew Ava wasn't the kind of woman that would be seduced by a ride in a private jet unless you owned the jet." It succeeds and they kiss on the plane, but Yuri later admits, "The problem with dating dream girls is that they have a tendency to become real." They get married though and have a son. Yuri narrates about their marriage, "She never asked how a guy in the transport could afford to give her eighteen karat diamond earrings. I guess she didn't really want to hear the answer. She seemed content that I was a good provider." Later, ATF agent Jack Valentine says to Yuri on who turned on him, "it was your wife, your trophy wife that led us to the prize."
  • Wall Street (1987)
    Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) says he's going to make Bud Fox "rich enough, you can afford a girl like Darien (Darryl Hannah)" who he has shown interest in.
    Staff Aside
    Women are apparently objects you can buy to Gordon and Bud. And Darien likes to spend a lot of money apparently so you have to be rich to afford her lifestyle.
    Historical Context
    For additional context, Michael Douglas won an Oscar for best actor as his role as Gordon Gekko and Darryl Hannah got a "Razzie" for worst supporting actress. If writers treat you like an object, you're not going to get much to work with in the script as an actor.