Women Flashing to Get Stuff from Men

Double Standard Bias   Minor Impact
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Main Description

Can you name a movie where a man shows parts of his body to get something from a woman? Even after thinking on it for a while? It just doesn't happen. But it happens for women in movies & TV shows and we are tracking examples below.

Conservative Trope Examples

  • EuroTrip (2004)
    While hitchhiking with friends, Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) flashes her bra at passing drivers to get one of them to stop. It fails so she does it again but without a bra this time. It doesn't work either. Later in the end credits, it shows her jumping up and down topless trying to get drivers' attention but that doesn't work either.
    Staff Aside
    Throughout the movie, she is thought of as just "one of the guys" by her three male co-stars and so the scene is depicted as funny because nobody is stopping despite her best intentions.
  • Serving Sara (2002)
    Sara (Elizabeth Hurley) flashes her breasts to a hotel clerk so they can get a room for free at a seedy hotel because they were robbed and had no money.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
    Kat (Julia Stiles) walks into the classroom Patrick (Heath Ledger) is serving high school detention in and motions for him to ditch detention through the window as she distracts Mr. Chapin (David Leisure) with ideas she has to "improve the girls soccer team." As Patrick tiptoes ever closer to the window she becomes more and more frantic in her effort to keep Mr. Chapin's attention and right when he's about to get caught at the window Kat lifts up her shirt and flashes Mr. Chapin, momentarily freezing him fora whopping seven seconds as he stares at her chest.

How Trope is Biased

Double Standard

  • You definitely never see men flashing to get stuff from women on screen

Impact of Trope: Minor

Severity: Minor   Prevalence: Uncommon