Used Car Salespeople Depicted Negatively

Misrepresentation Bias  
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Conservative Trope Examples

  • True Lies (1994)
    Gib (Tom Arnold) exclaims, "the guy is a goddamn used car salesman!" about a man who lies about being a spy to try to sleep with Harry Tasker's wife (Jamie Lee Curtis).

How Trope is Biased


  • there is a false stereotype that used car salespeople are not trustworthy which has been perpetuated by Hollywood

Conservative Biases

  • anything that depicts average workers in a negative light (e.g. lazy, unethical, "sleazy") helps Republicans pass legislation more favorable to businesses over workers
  • anything that reduces trust in buying modern used cars over new ones promotes environmentally policies of having more cars on the road
  • favors large company car dealerships over smaller businesses that sell used cars