Young People Maligned as Disrespectful to Elders

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Main Description

People of all ages are disrespectful to each other on screen and in real life. And it's generally accepted that young people should respect their elders. But many conservative parents believe it's in the nature of young people to be more disrespectful. Conservative parents tend to be more controlling, heavy handed and value obedience. A more liberal minded parent may more often take the time to explain to a child why they can't do a certain thing and offer alternatives. A conservative minded parent is more likely to say things like "because I said so" because children need to obey and never question parents.

Showing young people as disrespectful reinforces false negative stereotypes by conservatives. We've listed some notable examples below.

Conservative Trope Examples

  • True Lies (1994)
    Harry's daughter Dana is depicted as a rebellious, irresponsible teenager who steals money from his partner Gib's wallet and also throws away a snow globe her Dad gave her.