How Trope is Biased


  • This antiquated custom occurs far more often on screen in Hollywood than in real life. The only reason many people still do it is because they see it on screen.

Double Standard

  • You never see men asking their fiancé's mothers for permission to marry nor do you see daughters ask their fiancé's parents for permission either

Conservative Biases

  • social conservatives still practice many antiquated customs such as this one
  • many social conservatives believe a woman should be deferential to their husbands and daughters to their fathers

Impact of Trope: Major

Severity: Moderate   Prevalence: Common
Think about how often you've seen men asking fathers for permission to marry their daughters. There are lots of movies especially where this happens. And then compare that to how many people you know -- if any -- have asked for permission. Hollywood screenwriters just loves to keep sexist cliches alive.