Science & Technology Depicted Negatively

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Conservative Trope Examples

  • Logan (2017)
    An autonomously driven truck recklessly hits a horse trailer knocking it off the road and runs Logan's pickup truck into the grass in the median almost killing them as the dodge oncoming traffic.
  • Kingsman The Secret Service (2014)
    Billionaire tech tycoon Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) plants a hidden signal inside cellphone SIM cards he distributes that, when activated by a satellite he owns, turns everyday people into ruthless brutes who savagely murder each other.
  • MI6 gets hacked multiple times by a former agent who creates an explosion and also has a computer program orchestrate his escape.
  • A federal government computer system becomes artificially intelligent and uses computer technology, the Internet and surveillance data to manipulate them to do her bidding.
  • Scientists create a cure for cancer by genetically engineering a measles virus, but it mutates causing the ensuing zombie apocalypse the movie is based on.
  • Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
    Cyber security consultant to the Department of Defense, Thomas Gabriel, hacks into NORAD and shuts down the entire defense network with just a laptop to show that it's vulnerable after his bosses refuses to listen to his concerns.
    Staff Aside
    This is making the department of defense and the federal government look incompetent if one person with a laptop can shut down their defenses. Also, they would have systems in place so that genuine concerns like Thomas Gabriel's wouldn't be ignored.
  • Humans have been living a peaceful coexistence with robots who help make their lives easier to manage, but Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) doesn't trust them one bit. The robots follow the "Three Laws of Robotics" which regulate how they are to interact with humans, but nefarious actors have other ideas and unleash an army of robots who move to take over the world and subjugate humans purportedly for their own good because they were careening towards extension.
  • Humans create artificial intelligence in the future, and it backfires causing the remaining human race to hide underground from killer AI robots.
  • Young NYC doctor Ben Stone (Michael J. Fox) thinks a child needs an emergency operation and ridicules the small town Dr. Hogue for suggesting he take a Coke instead. Before they airlift the kid to a hospital and cut him open with a very invasive operation, Dr Hogue comes to the rescue and discerns that the kid just drank too much homemade antacid and gives him a coke and charges 60 cents to emphasize his point.
    Staff Aside
    Screenwriters created a scenario where an old school rural doctor outsmarts a younger, highly skilled city doctor depicted as condescending by simply prescribing a can of coke.
  • The Terminator (1984) | Artificial Intelligence is Dangerous
    Skynet is an AI system that tried to exterminate humans by unleashing a global nuclear attack.
  • A machine with control of the United States nuclear arsenal gains artificial intelligence and threatens nuclear war after high school kid David (Matthew Broderick) hacks their network with a computer modem.