Abortion Hypocrisy Scandals

There is nothing wrong with getting an abortion. It's a personal decision and nobody's business but you and whoever you choose to talk about it with. However, the exception to this rule is when men advocate for anti-abortion policies publicly while privately supporting a decision to have an abortion when it personally impacts them. No surprise, there are many notable known incidents of Republican politicians doing just that. And since abortions are a very private sensitive matter, imagine how hypocritical actions on abortion by Republicans we never heard about.
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  • Herschel Walker [2022 GOP GA Senator Nominee]
    paid for ex-girlfriend to get an abortion in 2009 and later expressed support for a total abortion ban with no exception for incest, rape, or the life of the mother
    03 Oct 2022
    According to a report by The Daily Beast
  • Scott Lloyd [Federal Executive]
    drove his pregnant girlfriend to get an abortion when they were both young, but later when he oversaw a refugee resettlement agency, he hypocritically intervened to prevent teen migrants -- including a rape victim -- from obtaining the same procedure
    22 Aug 2018
    According to a report by Mother Jones
  • Rep. Tim Murphy [R-PA]
    asked a woman he was having an extramarital affair with to get an abortion when she told him she thought she was pregnant while also having had voted in favor of numerous abortion restrictions against women
    04 Oct 2017
    According to text messages he sent to her that were obtained by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Rep. James Comer [R-KY]
    drove his college girlfriend to get a secret abortion at a Louisville clinic and became "enraged" when he learned she listed his real name as her driver home on the release form which exposed his anti-choice hypocrisy
    05 May 2015
    According to an exclusive report by The Courier-Journal
  • Rep. Scott DesJarlais [R-TN]
    helped facilitate two abortions for his ex-wife while also hypocritically portraying himself as a "consistent support of pro-life values" who repeatedly voted to pass anti-abortion legislation
    15 Nov 2012
    According to his own sworn testimony in his divorce trial
  • Rep. Scott DesJarlais [R-TN]
    urged a woman he was having an affair with who also happened to be his OBGYN patient to get an abortion while having had expressed ardently anti-choice views in public
    10 Oct 2012
    According to a phone call transcript obtained by The Huffington Post
  • Mike Erickson [2022 GOP OR Rep. Nominee]
    gave his pregnant girlfriend $300 and dropped her off at a medical clinic known for providing abortions while having previously run as "pro-life" candidate and then later said he had no idea she was going to get an abortion which she flatly denied
    23 Jun 2008
    According to an investigative report by The Oregonian