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  • Andrew TateAndrew Tate
    Social Media Influencer
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    Choked a 20-year-old woman during sex without her consent so forcefully that the whites of her eyes turned red and she passed out and continued having sex with her while she was unconscious and then threatened to kill her when she came to
    According to an exclusive interview the alleged victim conducted with The Sun
  • Matt Hall
    State Representative [R-MI]
    Wrote two threatening emails in all caps to a fellow student that warned he had just put a bullet inside his shotgun with the student's "NAME ON IT" and told him that he "BETTER WATCH OUT!!" if he didn't want trouble
    Allegedly according to reporting from credible media outlets
  • Ken PaxtonKen Paxton
    Attorney General [R-TX]
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    Called and threatened "several" Texas State Reps with "political consequences" if they voted to impeach him for corruption
    According to a speech delivered by Rep. Green in the Texas State House
  • Bruce Miller
    Fmr. Conservative Athlete [R]
    Threatened to execute Rep. Eric Swalwell or send him to Guantanamo Bay in a threatening private message he sent the Congressman on Twitter
    According to an official report filed with the Capitol Police
  • Joe Staysniak
    Fmr. Radio Host
    Struck his son, choked his son's boyfriend and threatened them with a gun as they sat in a parked car outside his home
    According to charging documents obtained by NBC News
  • Brian StoutBrian Stout
    State Representative [R-OR]
    Threatened to kill a woman he was romantically involved with by throwing her off a cliff or slitting her throat if she ever told anyone about their relationship
    According to a protective order filed by the alleged victim and granted by a local judge
  • Nathan Tabor
    Fmr. Forsyth County GOP Chair
    Frequently called to “harass, annoy and terrify” the paster of a Baptist church, posted a number of social media threats against him and also made a number of salacious sexualized comments about the pastor's wife
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Arlyn Briggs
    Fmr. Gov. Candidate [R-KS]
    Called the local police department to warn that he "may shoot" police officers if they attempted to enter his home and arrest a wanted man he was harboring
    According to charging documents filed by local officials
  • Nathan Tabor
    Fmr. Forsyth County GOP Chair
    Threatened to release unspecified "false information" about a county sheriff and local police chief if they didn't grant him immunity in an unrelated case
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Herschel WalkerHerschel Walker
    U.S. Senator Nominee [R-GA]
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    Pointed a loaded gun against his ex-wife's head and threatened to kill her and her new boyfriend, after which she got a restraining order issued against him
    According to a police affidavit filed by his ex-wife's sister
  • Gene Suellentrop
    State Senator [R-KS]
    Led police on a high-speed chase going upwards of 90 miles per hour while driving the wrong direction on an interstate highway around 1am and only stopped after he drove over tire-deflating spikes, threatened to physically "take" on arresting officers, slurred his speech so badly that police had a hard time understanding him and forced officials to get a warrant to conduct a BAC test which was still over twice the legal limit three hours after his arrest
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Ed HenryEd Henry
    Fmr. Fox News Reporter
    Twitter iconInstagram icon352k
    Left threatening messages and sent a private investigator to scare a woman he had recently sexually coerced to make sure she kept her "mouth closed" or else he would sue her
    According to a civil lawsuit filed against Henry and Fox News by Jennifer Eckhart
  • Eric GreitensEric Greitens
    Fmr. Governor [R-MO]
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    Blindfolded, undressed and restrained his hairstylist's hands to exercise rings above her head and took pictures of her without her consent and then threatened to release them "everywhere" if she told anyone
    Alleged victim gave testimony under oath before select investigative committee
  • Nick MiccarelliNick Miccarelli
    Fmr. State Representative [R-PA]
    Once brandished his gun and threatened to kill his then-girlfriend state rep Tarah Toohil and himself, threatened to kill them both by taking the car they were in up to 100 mph and crashing it and stalked her so incessantly that a judge granted her a restraining order
    Rep. Toohil [R] was granted a restraining order against Miccarelli
  • Joe BartonJoe Barton
    Fmr. U.S. Representative [R-TX]
    92.4% Voted with Trump
    Sent pictures of himself masturbating to three women -- two whom he had an extramarital affair with -- and threatened to sic the Capitol Police on one of the women he was involved with if she went public with his naked pictures
    According to a recorded phone call between Barton and one woman he had an affair with exclusively reported by The Washington Post
  • John Thompson
    Iowa GOP Board Member
    Physically threatened his ex-fiancé after finding her by tracking her location on the "Find My iPhone" App installed on her phone which prompted a judge to issue a restraining order against him
    According to a report filed by local media
  • Donald TrumpDonald Trump
    45th U.S. President
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    Twitter iconFacebook iconInstagram iconTikTok iconYouTube iconTruthSocial icon162.3m
    Directed three top White House officials to repeatedly call and threaten Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that a negative article about their private lives would be published in the National Enquirer unless they call him and personally apologize for their negative coverage of him
    According to both the anchors who reported Trump's actions in the Washington Post
  • Robert BentleyRobert Bentley
    Fmr. Governor [R-AL]
    Twitter iconInstagram icon34k
    Told his wife's chief of staff Heather Hannah that she better "watch herself" after he found out she helped his wife secretly record intimate conversations with a woman he was having an affair with
    According to an investigative report by
  • Vance Phillips
    Fmr. County Commissioner [R-DE]
    Coerced an 18-year-old young woman who was only 16 when they first met and 30 years younger than him into a monthslong sexual relationship where she was compelled to participate in bondage fetishes of his that included using ropes, clamps, chains and sex toys that she did not willingly consent to and then threatened her with "a world of hurt" if she ever rebuffed his incessant advances
    According to a lawsuit filed by the alleged victim
  • Rick Renzi
    Fmr. U.S. Representative [R-AZ]
    Strongarmed leaders of a copper mining company into purchasing a large tract of land from a business associate who owed him money in exchange for him sponsoring legislation that would be favorable to the company, even once explicitly telling those involved "no Sandlin Property, no bill" and then failed to pay taxes on the $733,000 he received from the sale once the deal went through
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Thad Viers
    Fmr. State Representative [R-SC]
    2007 06
    Threatened to beat and sexually assault a man who was dating his estranged wife along with his mother over several menacing calls
    Allegedly according to reporting from credible media outlets