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  • Roger Stone
    illegally sheltered hundreds of thousands of dollars in a trust and a company he owned in order to avoid paying $205,410 in back taxes he and his wife owed to the IRS
    16 Apr 2021
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by federal officials
  • City Council Member Edward Ambrosino [R-NY]
    stole more than $800,000 in legal fees owed to his law firm by transferring the money to his personal account and then didn't pay the $254,628 tax bill that would have been due had the money been acquired legally
    15 Nov 2019
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Rep. Rick Renzi [R-AZ]
    strongarmed leaders of a copper mining company into purchasing a large tract of land from a business associate who owed him money in exchange for him sponsoring legislation that would be favorable to the company, even once explicitly telling those involved "no Sandlin Property, no bill" and then failed to pay taxes on the $733,000 he received from the sale once the deal went through
    28 Oct 2013
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Commissioner Bernard Kerik [R-NY]
    accepted $255,000 worth of lavish home renovations and over $236,000 in rental payments from billionaire business developer Eitan Wertheimer in exchange for using his position as NYPD Commissioner to lobby on Wertheimer's behalf with city officials, failed to report the additional income on his federal taxes and lied to federal investigators when confronted about it
    18 Feb 2010
    He pleaded guilty to tax fraud and was sentenced to 4 years in prison
  • Gov. John Rowland [R-CT]
    accepted free vacations and construction services at his vacation home valued at $107,000 in exchange for directing state contracts to a prominent businessman and also failed to report the income on his taxes
    23 Dec 2004
    According to charging documents filed by federal prosecutors