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  • Lauren Boebert [R-CO]
    Drank so much alcohol at a political dinner and gala that servers cut her off and told her she couldn't have any more because she was noticeably drunk
    05 Apr 2024
    According to news reports from credible media outlets
  • Kari Lake [2022 GOP AZ Nominee]
    Defamed AZ County Recorder Stephen Richer (R) by baselessly accusing him of adding over 300,000 fraudulent ballots to Maricopa County's vote count in order to steal the election from her and then later admitted in court that she had no defense against his lawsuit and forfeited her right to a trial
    26 Mar 2024
    Lake asked the court to move directly to the damages phase of the trial which will determine how much Richer is owed for her defamation
  • Kari Lake [2022 GOP AZ Nominee]
    Was accused of deceptively editing a leaked recording of a private conversation where AZ Republican Party Chair Jeff DeWitt appeared to offer her a bribe to drop out of the 2024 U.S. Senate race but which he says was "selectively edited" by Lake in order to get him fired from party leadership
    24 Jan 2024
    According to news reports from credible media outlets
  • South Carolina GOP Braylee Estep
    Violently banged on a car window and prevented it from leaving a local bar and then pulled her victim out of their car and proceeded to "hit and assault" them with the help of her mother and third offender
    03 Jan 2024
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Justin Wells [Fox News ]
    Was sued for "violently" forcibly kissing and sexually assaulting a fellow male Fox News producer on two separate occasions even after his advances were rebuffed and for intimidating his victim in to keeping quiet by warning him not to report what happened to Fox's human resources department
    05 Dec 2023
    According to a lawsuit filed by alleged victim Andrew Delancey
  • Charged fellow US Rep. Mas Miller's credit card for political donations that "exceeded FEC limits" without his knowledge or consent
    01 Dec 2023
    According to news reports from credible media outlets
  • Kevin McCarthy [R-CA]
    Was accused of intentionally elbowing fellow GOP Rep. Tim Burchett in his kidneys and then running away when he turned around to see who hit him
    14 Nov 2023
    According to news reports from credible media outlets
  • Lauren Boebert [R-CO]
    Publicly fondled her date inside a large theater, vaped smokeless tobacco at her seat, loudly sang along to songs that weren't meant to be sung along to and taunted an usher who properly escorted her and her date out of the theater
    14 Sep 2023
    According to video of the incident report by mainstream outlets
  • Fabián Basabe [R-FL]
    Was sued for sexual harassment for making unwanted sexual advances on a male legislative aide and male legislative intern
    13 Sep 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by the alleged victims
  • Derrick Van Orden
    Held an alcohol fueled party in his Congressional office moments before he went on an unhinged rant against teenage Senate pages for not being respectful of the history and grandeur of the US Capitol
    28 Jul 2023
    According to a photograph of his office that showed copious amounts of alcohol on a nearby table
  • James Chapman [R-MI]
    Kicked a fellow state GOP official Mark DeYoung in the groin and then grabbed him by the legs and knocked him to the ground as soon as DeYoung opened the door to a reportedly "closed" meeting Chapman didn't want him attending
    09 Jul 2023
    According to a report filed by local police
  • Tim Moore [R-NC]
    Was sued for $200k by a husband who claimed he used his position to persuade his wife, who was a mid-level state government employee, to engage in a yearslong affair that included instances of group sex and led to the eventual destruction of the couple's marriage
    19 Jun 2023
    According to a $200,000 civil lawsuit filed by former Republican candidate Scott Lassiter
  • Tucker Carlson [Fox News ]
    Was sued by Fox News for breach of contract after he debuted a show on Twitter that violated the terms of his contract with them
    07 Jun 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by Fox News
  • Project Veritas James O'Keefe
    Was sued by his former company Project Veritas for spending $150,000 on private cars, $10,000 on a helicopter flight and other frivolous expenses in violation of his contract
    31 May 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by Project Veritas
  • Charlie Green [R-TX]
    Accused Texas AG Ken Paxton of personally calling and threatening "several" Texas State Rep's with "political consequences" if they vote to impeach him for corruption
    27 May 2023
    According to a speech delivered by Rep. Green in the Texas State House
  • ACU Matt Schlapp
    Was accused of blindsiding the CPAC Board by improperly using the organizations money to pay his lawyer $270,000 to defend him in a civil defamation lawsuit
    25 May 2023
    According to allegations lobbied by American Conservative Union treasurer Bob Beauprez in an exclusive report by New York Magazine
  • Timothy Parlatore
    Quit defending Donald Trump because fellow lawyer Boris Epshteyn "was not very honest" and behaved as a gatekeeper who prevented other lawyers from giving Trump the legal advice they thought was best
    20 May 2023
    According to an exclusive interview Parlatore gave to CNN
  • Dade Phelan [R-TX]
    Repeatedly slurred his speech and swayed back and forth as he led official proceedings as the Texas Speaker of the House in a way fellow Republican and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton described as "debilitating intoxication"
    19 May 2023
    According to reports by local and state media
  • Drank alcohol "all day and night" despite having serious professional responsibilities including being a lawyer for Donald Trump according to his aide Noelle Dunphy who had a job to make sure he was a "functioning" alcoholic
    16 May 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by former employee Noelle Dunphy reported on by mainstream outlets
  • Discussed an alleged scheme to sell pardons for $2 million each claiming he would split it evenly with Donald Trump (or possibly keep it all for himself) and asked a woman who worked closely with him if she knew anyone who would be interested and for them to work with him directly instead of publicly via “normal channels”
    16 May 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by former employee Noelle Dunphy reported on by mainstream outlets
  • Composed a large "oppo file" file of reportedly damaging information against fired host Tucker Carlson that documented allegations he operated a misogynist and toxic workplace environment and planned to publicly release some or all of their files if Carlson publicly attacked the network
    25 Apr 2023
    According to 8 Fox News sources who spoke exclusively with Rolling Stone
  • Tucker Carlson [Fox News ]
    Was abruptly fired by Fox News less than a week after the company settled a defamation lawsuit for $787.5 million likely because explicitly racist text messages he wrote that were found during the discovery process were so damning they had no choice but to settle
    24 Apr 2023
    According to a public statement released by Fox News
  • Tennessee House Republicans
    Infighting resulted in one unknown Republican house member urinating on a chair in the legislative office of fellow state Rep. Rick Tillis [R] while a small group of operatives watched presumably in retaliation to his operation of an anonymous Twitter account which posted negative gossip about fellow Republicans he disliked
    08 Apr 2023
    According to multiple eyewitness reports and confirmed by mainstream outlets
  • Roger Stone
    Was sued for defamation by rightwing activist Lawyer Larry Klayman after he called him a child molester
    12 Aug 2021
    According to a defamation lawsuit filed by Klayman
  • Was sued for defamation by disgraced former host Ed Henry because he claimed the network and CEO Suzanne Scott publicly portrayed him as a "sex criminal" and only fired him because Ms. Scott was trying to save face after the explosive allegations against him came to light
    01 Jul 2021
    According to a civil lawsuit filed in federal court
  • Lauren Boebert [R-CO]
    Cursed and yelled at police officers who were in the process of arresting minors they caught drinking alcohol and urged the teens to run away which police reported caused the teens to become "unruly" while also portraying herself as a "law and order" politician who supports the police
    16 Jan 2021
    According to arrest records first reported by Colorado News Online
  • Jason Miller [Fmr. Trump Comms Adviser]
    Was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in owed back child support and $3,167 per month to a woman he had a baby with during an extramarital affair until the child turns 18
    15 Sep 2020
    According to a lawsuit filed by former staffer A.J. Delgado
  • Mike McCully [R-OK]
    Was fired by his Republican boss he was running against in a sheriff's election who claimed he improperly arrested an innocent black man, was insubordinate, disobeyed the chain of command and misused trademarked county images for his campaign
    12 Mar 2020
    According to a report by The Oklahoman
  • Trump Campaign
    Was sued for discrimination by a staffer who alleged the campaign rescinded a job offer in the Trump White House after finding out that she was pregnant with incoming White House communications director Jason Miller's child
    24 Dec 2019
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by former staffer A.J. Delgado
  • Michael Silvestri [2018 NJ GOP Candidate]
    Was accused of sexually assaulting a former campaign aide at a local GOP headquarters and later texting her pictures of weapons to scare her from reporting him to the police
    15 Feb 2019
    According to a police report filed by the alleged victim
  • Will Gardner [2018 ND GOP Candidate]
    Peered into the windows of a female dormitory at North Dakota State University -- when he was 29-years-old -- and had his shirt untucked and pants undone when police confronted him
    20 May 2018
    According to charging documents filed by university police
  • Rob Porter
    Smashed his fist through his estranged wife Jennifer Willoughby's glass pane of her front door while demanding to speak with her which resulted in her being granted a temporary restraining order
    07 Feb 2018
    According to her account in an interview with FBI agents conducting a background check on Porter
  • Blake Farenthold [R-TX]
    Routinely "drank to excess” at Capitol Hill functions so much that his staff felt they had to be on "red head patrol" in order to "keep him out of trouble" because he would regularly say sexually improper things to female staff and lobbyists when he was drunk
    01 Dec 2017
    According to an exclusive report by Politico
  • Randy Baumgardner [R-CO]
    Urged a legislative intern to drink alcohol with him in his office which she smartly declined as he was married and because of inappropriate comments she overheard him make days earlier about the first time he met her in which he "complained" about having to go home alone to bed and gave out an exaggerated sigh which creepily signaled that he wanted to sleep with her
    16 Nov 2017
    According to the former intern in an exclusive interview with a local NPR affiliate
  • Joseph Turner
    Accused California Republican Assembly Leader Chad Mayes of illegally using state resources to maintain his extramarital affair with former Republican Assembly Leader Kristin Olsen after he voted with Democrats to pass a major climate change initiative in the state
    19 Jul 2017
    According to allegations made by the conservative activist reported by local media
  • Mark Lovell [R-TN]
    Grabbed a legislative staff's breasts and buttocks and physically prevented her from walking away from him and also inappropriately touched a second woman while visibly drunk -- drinking rum and colas to excess is apparently a common occurrence for him -- after attending five events hosted by lobbyists and businesses with free alcohol and food while he was married with three children
    14 Feb 2017
    According to an investigation conducted by the state house Ethics Committee
  • Matthew Shirk [R-FL]
    Discussed showering and having sex with three subordinates in private messages, sent one a private message that said "I think if we had sex there would be very minimal awkwardness afterwards," drank to excess with them in his office and later fired all three after his wife caught him
    05 Jan 2017
    According to an exclusive report by The Florida Times-Union
  • Openly discussed which female "Apprentice" contestants he’d like to have sex with -- sometimes with the woman present -- while also goading male contestants into participate by asking them questions like "you’d f*ck her, wouldn’t you? I’d f*ck her"
    03 Oct 2016
    Firsthand accounts by producer Katherine Welker, 2004 Apprentice contestant Kristi Frank whose breasts were objectified by Trump, 2005 Apprentice winner Randal Pinkett, 2010 Apprentice contestant Gene Folkes & 22 former Apprentice contestants and crew members
  • Incessantly made inappropriate and lewd comments about an "Apprentice" camerawoman's buttocks and body and often stopped production to look at the camera she was operating over a period of more than 2 years
    03 Oct 2016
    Firsthand accounts by producer Katherine Welker, Former "Apprentice" employees German Abarca, Rebecca Arndt & six former crew members, Corroborated by two crew members who said the victim told them how uncomfortable Trump's comments made her
  • Was sued by co-host Andrea Tantaros who alleged Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, former Senator Scott Brown and another male sexually harassed and made inappropriate comments to her
    23 Aug 2016
    According to news reports from credible media outlets
  • Jeremy Durham [R-TN]
    Was accused of having an extramarital affair with a former state representative by the Lieutenant Governor
    29 Jan 2016
    According to a statement by Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey
  • Minnesota Senate GOP
    Was sued for illegally firing without cause a staffer who had an extramarital affair with the MN Senate GOP Leader and later agreed to pay $30,000 to settle the wrongful termination lawsuit he brought against the State Senate
    15 Mar 2012
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by the fired staffer