Republicans Abusing Power to Target Others

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  • TX Attorney General Ken Paxton [R]
    Called and threatened "several" Texas State Reps with "political consequences" if they voted to impeach him for corruption
    27 May 2023
    According to a speech delivered by Rep. Green in the Texas State House
  • TX Attorney General Ken Paxton [R]
    Retaliated against four staffers who reported his alleged corruption to the FBI by maligning them as "rogue employees" and fired or forced them out through other means and later spent $3.3 million in taxpayer dollars to settle a wrongful termination lawsuit which also forced him to apologize for disparaging them
    10 Feb 2023
    According to a settlement agreement reached between Paxton and the fired staffers
  • State's Attorney Matthew Leveridge [R-KY]
    Impregnated a criminal defendant his office prosecuted sometime during their two-month affair and then rescinded her pretrial diversion agreement presumably out of payback for telling his wife about the affair and baby
    03 Aug 2022
    According to a report by The Daily Beast
  • Rep. William Timmons [R-SC]
    Used his influence as a US Rep. to convince a judge to order the arrest and jailing of the husband of a woman he was having an extramarital affair with on bogus kidnapping charges so he could continue seeing her unabated
    19 Jul 2022
    According to an exclusive report by the Charleston Post and Courier
  • Rep. Joe Barton [R-TX]
    Sent pictures of himself masturbating to three women -- two whom he had an extramarital affair with -- and threatened to sic the Capitol Police on one of the women he was involved with if she went public with his naked pictures
    22 Nov 2017
    According to a recorded phone call between Barton and one woman he had an affair with exclusively reported by The Washington Post
  • State Sen. Jack Latvala [R-FL]
    Routinely grabbed five female senate staff and lobbyists buttocks, breasts and other parts of their bodies and threatened to retaliate against them by refusing to take meetings with them if they complained about his behavior while also being married
    03 Nov 2017
    According to an investigative report by Politico
  • Directed three top White House officials to repeatedly call and threaten Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that a negative article about their private lives would be published in the National Enquirer unless they call him and personally apologize for their negative coverage of him
    30 Jun 2017
    According to both the anchors who reported Trump's actions in the Washington Post
  • Gov. Robert Bentley [R-AL]
    Told his wife's chief of staff Heather Hannah that she better "watch herself" after he found out she helped his wife secretly record intimate conversations with a woman he was having an affair with
    10 Apr 2017
    According to an investigative report by