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  • ACU Chair Matt Schlapp
    fondled Herschel Walker campaign staffer Carlton Huffman in the crotch without his consent and unsuccessfully tried to convince him to go back to his room while also being married and then paid Huffman $480,000 through an insurance policy to settle his sexual harassment lawsuit out of court
    27 Mar 2024
    According to victim testimony in a report from The Daily Beast
  • ACU Chair Matt Schlapp
    stripped down to his underwear and grinded against another male without his consent at a fundraising event in Florida while also being married
    16 Dec 2023
  • State Rep. Fabián Basabe [R-FL]
    told his male legislative aide "I want all of that butt" and then slapped it while they were standing in the back of an elementary school classroom full of children during a Career Day event while also being married
    07 Jul 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by the alleged victim
  • State Rep. Fabián Basabe [R-FL]
    groped and tried to kiss his male legislative intern while being driven home from an alcohol-fueled event at a local bar and then unsuccessfully tried to convince the intern to come up to his hotel room to have sex while also being married
    07 Jul 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by the alleged victim
  • grabbed potential employee Derek Myers' crotch without his consent while they were alone in his office and then told him "my husband is out of town tonight if you want to come over" which he declined
    05 Feb 2023
    According to a firsthand account from the alleged victim who also filed an official complaint with the U.S. Capitol Police and the House Ethics Committee
  • Mayor Jaron Rosien [R-IA]
    slid his hand up a male victim's thigh, groped his genitals and kissed him on his cheek (or ear) which "was in no way consented to" by the victim after hours at a bar he owned while also being married to his husband
    24 Jan 2023
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Elijah Schaffer [Podcaster]
    drunkenly grabbed a co-worker's breasts without her consent while they sat next to each other in a crowded movie theater while also being married at the time
    06 Oct 2022
    According to an inhouse investigation resulting in his firing
  • Perry Hooper Jr. [Trump Campaign AL Co-Chair]
    grabbed a restaurant hostess's breasts, kissed her neck and shoved his pelvis into her and then taunted that he'll "get away with it" because he's a member of a politically connected family while also married with three children
    23 Aug 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Daniel Snyder [NFL Owner]
    Tried to remove a female Washington Commanders employee's clothes, groped her and unsuccessfully tried to get her to have sex with him in a private area of his chartered plane out of view of the other passengers while also being married
    21 Jun 2022
    According to allegations made by the alleged victim first reported by The Washington Post
  • Daniel Snyder [NFL Owner]
    grabbed a Washington Commanders employee's thigh without her consent while seated at a crowded restaurant table and later that same night followed her out of the restaurant, put his hand on her lower back and "aggressively" pushed her toward his limo and only let her go when his own lawyer stepped in and stopped him while also being married
    04 Feb 2022
    According to Congressional testimony by the alleged victim
  • Corey Lewandowski ['16 Trump Campaign Manager]
    drunkenly grabbed a married Trump donor's backside and leg at a private charity event in Las Vegas while also being married with young children himself and told her that "he gets his sex elsewhere"
    29 Sep 2021
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Rep. Tom Reed [R-NY]
    drunkenly unhooked a 25-year-old junior lobbyist's bra and massaged her thigh without her consent at a table full of lobbyists at an Irish pub while he was married with two children
    19 Mar 2021
    According to the alleged victim who publicly accused Reed of groping her
  • State Rep. Bill Brough [R-CA]
    incessantly subjected a legislative staffer to "extremely offensive and non-consensual physical contact" and peppered her with "repeated and unwanted advances" over a yearslong period while also being married
    05 Dec 2020
    According to a report by local ABC affiliate Eyewitness News
  • shoved his tongue down aspiring actress Amy Dorris's throat and groped her without consent when she was away from view of her boyfriend in his box at the 1997 US Open Tennis Championships while he was married to Marla Maples
    17 Sep 2020
    Corroborated by her mother and friend whom she called immediately after the alleged assault, Corroborated by her therapist and numerous friends she confided in the years since the alleged assault, Pictured with Trump at the time
  • placed his hands in the "most inappropriate places" like a woman's hip, buttocks or "on the boob. Every time" when he met a model for the first time and would often "immediately put his mouth" on theirs without first asking for consent or giving them a chance to move their mouth away from his while he was married to Ivana
    21 Oct 2019
    Firsthand account from model NaKina Carr who was both a victim and witness to Trump's transgressions
  • grabbed and fondled a model’s breasts under the guise of "inspecting" her bra’s fabric backstage at a lingerie show while he was married to Marla
    21 Oct 2019
    Firsthand account from model NaKina Carr, Confirmed by multiple unnamed eyewitnesses verified by Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • grabbed Mar-a-Lago resident Karen Johnson by her vagina and pulled her behind a tapestry where he kissed and fondled her without consent while knowing Melania was upstairs at the same time
    09 Oct 2019
    Firsthand account from Karen Johnson, Corroborated by documents and pictures, Confided in a friend about the assault years before Trump first ran for office
  • State Rep. Jeff Hoover [R-KY]
    sexually assaulted his 21-year-old legislative staffer more than 50 times over a three-year period subjecting her to what she testified as "nearly daily touching" including groping between her legs while seated next to her at large political functions and then secretly settled a lawsuit she filed against him in order to prevent her allegations from becoming public while being married the entire time
    16 Jan 2019
  • State Rep. David Byrd [R-TN]
    inappropriately touched and kissed three underage girls on the high school basketball team he coached while also being married with young children
    27 Mar 2018
    According to firsthand accounts of the alleged victims first reported by local a TV station
  • Steve Wynn [Fmr. Wynn Resorts CEO]
    allegedly cornered a subordinate against a wall, grabbed her waist and attempted to forcibly kiss her, but she was able to push him away and escape while also being married
    27 Jan 2018
    According to an exclusive report by The wall Street Journal
  • Vince McMahon [Conservative Businessman]
    forcefully grabbed and attempted to kiss a tanning salon employee, groped her breasts while he tried to lift up her shirt and touched her waist and buttocks all while she was doing whatever she could to push him off of her and escape the tanning room he followed her into while also being married
    26 Jan 2018
    According to a police report filed by the alleged victim
  • James Rosen [Fox News D.C. Correspondent]
    grabbed a female Fox News reporter's breast without her consent inside of a taxi and then retaliated against her professionally after she rebuffed his advances while also being married with young children
    10 Jan 2018
    According to interviews with four former colleagues at Fox News and reported by NPR
  • State Sen. Randy Baumgardner [R-CO]
    slapped and grabbed a legislative aide's buttocks four separate times in a three-month period during work inside the state Capitol building while also being married
    28 Nov 2017
    According to a formal complaint filed by the alleged victim first reported by public radio station KUNC
  • State Rep. Wes Goodman [R-OH]
    unzipped a sleeping 18-year-old male college student's pants and fondled him without consent while also being married
    21 Nov 2017
  • State Sen. Jack Latvala [R-FL]
    routinely grabbed five female senate staff and lobbyists buttocks, breasts and other parts of their bodies and threatened to retaliate against them by refusing to take meetings with them if they complained about his behavior while also being married
    03 Nov 2017
    According to an investigative report by Politico
  • State Rep. Mark Lovell [R-TN]
    grabbed a legislative staff's breasts and buttocks and physically prevented her from walking away from him and also inappropriately touched a second woman while visibly drunk -- drinking rum and colas to excess is apparently a common occurrence for him -- after attending five events hosted by lobbyists and businesses with free alcohol and food while he was married with three children
    14 Feb 2017
    According to an investigation conducted by the state house Ethics Committee
  • moved his hands up the skirt of first-class passenger Jessica Leeds "like an octopus" that had "40 zillion hands" and also groped her breasts in an incident she described as an "assault" that she only escaped from by retreating to a seat in coach while also married to Ivana
    14 Oct 2016
    Leeds testified under oath about the alleged encounter
  • repeatedly grabbed Miss Washington Cassandra Searles's buttocks and asked her to come to his hotel room to presumably have sex while he was married to Melania
    17 Jun 2016
    Firsthand account from Searles
  • forced American Dream Calendar Girls vice president Jill Harth into Ivanka's bedroom at Mar-a-Lago and grabbed her "intimate private parts" and tried to kiss her without her consent which made her so nauseated that she "vomited profusely" while he was engaged to his soon-to-be wife Marla
    18 Apr 2016
    Firsthand account from Harth in a sworn deposition, Corroborated by then-boyfriend George Houraney in a sworn deposition
  • Speaker Dennis Hastert [R-IL]
    sexually abused and molested four teenage boys -— the youngest being only 14-years-old —- during his time as a high school educator and wrestling coach while he was married
    10 Apr 2016
    According to court filings submitted by federal prosecutors
  • City Council Member John McGee [R-ID]
    firmly grabbed a female staffer's buttocks without her consent while also being married
    01 Nov 2012
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Family Research Council Minister George Rekers
    hired a twenty-year-old male to touch his genitals and give him daily nude massages throughout a European vacation after finding him on the "rent boy" escort website while also being a married pastor who publicly espoused virulently anti-gay sentiments
    06 May 2010
    According to an investigative report by the Miami New Times
  • Federal Judge Samuel Kent [R]
    grabbed his personal secretary Donna Wilkerson's head and forced it down towards his groin, forcibly kissed her on the mouth after pinning her against his office door and subjected her to a myriad of other physical and emotional abuse over a seven-year period while also being married the entire time
    04 Jun 2009
    According to court records reported by the media
  • Federal Judge Samuel Kent [R]
    touched court employee Cathy McBroom under her clothing on two occasions which she likened to "being molested and groped by a drunken giant” and constantly solicited her for sexual favors over a period of six years while being married the entire time
    11 May 2009
    According to court records reported by the media
  • State Rep. Ted Klaudt [R-SD]
    digitally penetrated and fondled his 16 and 18-year-old foster daughters' breasts after deceitfully convincing them to let him perform "tests" on their private areas ostensibly to determine if they were good candidates to donate their eggs in exchange for a large sum of money while also being their trusted caregiver and a married father
    18 May 2007
    According to charging documents filed by local police