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  • NYPD Union President Ed Mullins
    stole nearly $1 million from a NYC police officers union by filing falsified expense reports for personal items including lavish meals and luxury clothing and over-inflating the amount he should be reimbursed for countless other expenses for over four years to such a degree that prosecutors described it as a "personal piggy bank" and then lied to federal officials when they confronted him
    04 Aug 2023
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Walt Nauta [Trump "Bodyman"]
    hid boxes filled with classified and highly sensitive government documents after his boss Donald Trump was subpoenaed for them which were later found when the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, and then he lied to federal agents when they questioned him about it
    09 Jun 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Commissioner Julianna Strout [R-FL]
    falsely asserted she was a paralegal to federal authorities so she could enter an immigration detention facility her romantic partner was being held at
    27 Oct 2022
    She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and probation
  • Rep. Jeff Fortenberry [R-NE]
    illegally accepted a $30,200 campaign contribution from Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury through three "straw donors" then lied to federal authorities after they confronted him about it
    19 Oct 2021
    According to charging documents filed by federal authorities
  • City Council Member Mitchell Englander [R-CA]
    schemed to cover up evidence of his acceptance of bribes by lying to federal authorities who confronted him and "counseled" his coconspirator how to mislead federal investigators on multiple occasions without knowing that he was working as a cooperating witness
    25 Jan 2021
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • North Carolina GOP Chair Robin Hayes
    tried to bribe the NC state insurance commissioner with a $1.5 million donation to his reelection bid and another $250k donation from the NC Republican party in exchange for favorable treatment for a business associate friend of his who demanded the removal of an insurance regulator who oversaw his companies then lied to the FBI when they confronted him
    02 Apr 2019
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Justice Allen Loughry [R-WV]
    used a government-issued credit card for personal expenses including gasoline, claimed mileage for trips that he used a government-owned vehicle for, pressured a witness to lie to federal investigators and lied to investigators himself
    20 Jun 2018
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • State Rep. Thad Viers [R-SC]
    conspired with a business executive to hide $524,000 in assets owed to an insurance company that was left on the hook for a $6 million contract the executive failed to fulfill and then intentionally lied to an IRS investigator when questioned
    20 Oct 2015
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Speaker Dennis Hastert [R-IL]
    illegally structured hush money payments of $1.7 million to elude federal bank reporting requirements in order to hide the fact he was paying the victim of his past sex crimes and lied to Federal investigators about it
    01 Jun 2015
    He pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 months in prison, two years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine
  • Commissioner Bernard Kerik [R-NY]
    accepted $255,000 worth of lavish home renovations and over $236,000 in rental payments from billionaire business developer Eitan Wertheimer in exchange for using his position as NYPD Commissioner to lobby on Wertheimer's behalf with city officials, failed to report the additional income on his federal taxes and lied to federal investigators when confronted about it
    09 Nov 2007
    He pleaded guilty to tax fraud and was sentenced to 4 years in prison