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  • promised to pardon his personal aide and "body man" Walt Nauta if he was convicted of lying to the FBI about his knowledge of Trump's illegal retention of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago if he becomes President again
    22 Apr 2024
    Firsthand account from a confidential witness who spoke with the FBI about their interactions with Trump
  • urged his longtime personal assistant to lie to federal authorities investigating his illegal retention of classified documents by telling her point-blank "you don't know anything about the boxes" which CNN chief legal analyst Elie Honig characterized as "textbook obstruction of justice" and "textbook witness tampering" that has the protentional to be "really devastating" for Trump
    19 Sep 2023
    According to an exclusive report by ABC News
  • brazenly called for the former Lt. Governor of Georgia to refuse to testify before a grand jury criminally investigating him for trying to overturn the 2020 election results in the state which multiple legal experts characterized as "witness tampering in real time"
    14 Aug 2023
    According to a Truth Social post written by Trump and reported by mainstream outlets
  • Sheriff Donald Jones [R-KY]
    coached a witness to subvert justice and achieve a legal outcome he supposedly desired by giving them false information that prosecutors contend was meant to affect their testimony
    01 May 2023
    According to charging documents filed by local officials
  • Rep. Jim Jordan [R-OH]
    pressured a sexual abuse victim's elderly parents to convince their son to retract his accusation that he knew about rampant sexual abuse by a team doctor he worked with and turned a blind eye to it for years
    17 Apr 2023
    According to an investigative report by The New York Times
  • Sheriff Bubba Jones [R-KY]
    was indicted for official misconduct in office and tampering with a witness in an apparent attempt to cover his tracks
    11 Aug 2022
    According to a plea deal reached with state authorities
  • personally attempted to contact a 1/6 Committee witness presumably to pressure them to not disclose any damaging information about him when they testified before the committee
    12 Jul 2022
    According to the 1/6 Select Committee
  • strongly hinted that he would pardon people convicted of crimes related to the 1/6 insurrection by saying he'll be "looking at them very, very seriously," but only if they didn't cooperate with authorities
    18 Jun 2022
    According to a speech he gave that was covered by multiple outlets
  • City Council Member Mitchell Englander [R-CA]
    schemed to cover up evidence of his acceptance of bribes by lying to federal authorities who confronted him and "counseled" his coconspirator how to mislead federal investigators on multiple occasions without knowing that he was working as a cooperating witness
    25 Jan 2021
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Justice Allen Loughry [R-WV]
    used a government-issued credit card for personal expenses including gasoline, claimed mileage for trips that he used a government-owned vehicle for, pressured a witness to lie to federal investigators and lied to investigators himself
    20 Jun 2018
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Don Leeman [2020 NH GOP State Rep. Candidate]
    voted in a district he no longer resided in and later unsuccessfully tried to bribe a local Housing Authority employee into falsifying a letter to election officials that attested he had only temporarily moved out of the district in exchange for a donation to the county Housing Authority
    03 May 2017
  • Ben Suarez [Conservative Businessman]
    illegally used his family, employees and friends as "straw donors" to donate $100k each to two political candidates and later interfered with the criminal case by attempting to influence a government witness
    14 Nov 2014
    According to charging documents filed by federal prosecutors
  • State Rep. Ted Klaudt [R-SD]
    offered to forgive one of his sexual assault victim's debt owed to him if her mother agreed to not pursue charges against him and urged another victim to lie to the police when they questioned her about his assault
    10 Nov 2007