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  • Allen Weisselberg [R-NY]
    lied under oath in a deposition and also at trial about his role in falsely asserting that Trump's private apartment in Trump Tower was nearly three times larger than it actually was on official tax forms
    10 Apr 2024
    According to charging documents filed by state officials
  • Nate Paul
    lied to a judge under oath about financial transfers he made in violation of a previous court order which resulted in a judge sentencing him to 10 days in jail and fining him $181,760
    04 Mar 2023
    According to a ruling by the judge presiding over his criminal case
  • lied to a judge about working for Goldman Sachs during a bail hearing for a friend who was accused of fraud
    24 Feb 2023
    According to court documents obtained by Politico
  • Ivan Gonzalez [2020 MD GOP Candidate]
    falsely asserted he lived in the city of Baltimore on his official candidacy paperwork when he actually lived in the suburbs and was therefore ineligible to run for office in the city
    20 Aug 2021
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • GOP Richard Quinn
    repeatedly lied under oath to the grand jury investigating a wide-ranging State House corruption scandal that involved his own son in an act that violated a plea agreement he made with state prosecutors to truthfully testify before the group
    18 Apr 2019
    According to a grand jury indictment
  • Jim Harrison [R-SC]
    accepted over $900,000 from a well-connected political consultant in exchange for acting in his client's interests in secret by not disclosing the true source of the funds as required by state law and later lied to a grand jury about it in an attempt to cover it up
    26 Oct 2018
    He was found guilty and sentenced to eighteen months in prison
  • Mark Fuller [R]
    repeatedly lied under oath and made false statements to the chief judge of a federal court by falsely claiming her had never hit, kicked, or punched his ex-wife when in fact he had done all three on multiple occasions
    05 Sep 2015
    According to a report conducted by federal officials submitted to Congress
  • Annette Bosworth [2014 SD GOP Candidate]
    filed false election documents attesting she personally gathered the requisite amount of voter signatures required for her to get on the ballot for a US Senate election and then lied to state officials when they confronted her
    01 Jul 2015
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Samuel Kent [R]
    lied to a committee of judges investigating him for sexual harassment in an effort to shield himself from consequences for his behavior in what one law professor characterized as "sort of mind-blowing" for a federal judge to obstruct justice as it "betrayed his oath in the most fundamental way"
    11 May 2009
    According to court records reported by the media