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  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas [R]
    secretly flew on a private plane to attend events hosted by a right-wing organization which frequently argued cases before the Supreme Court and failed to disclose it which a George W. Bush appointed judge characterized as taking his "breath away" and noted that it would have resulted in a "disciplinary hearing" for any lower court federal judge
    22 Sep 2023
    According to an exclusive investigative report by Pro Publica
  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas [R]
    violated ethics laws by financing a $267,230 recreational vehicle he couldn't otherwise afford due to debt through a wealthy health care executive of which both parties refused to disclose the terms of the loan presumably because they would appear to be overly favorable
    05 Aug 2023
    According to an exclusive report by The New York Times
  • Sheriff Laurie Smith [R-CA]
    raked in thousands of dollars in illegal "pay-for-play" campaign donations from wealthy donors in exchange for granting them concealed weapons permits and accepted gifts including a suite at an NHL game from the same donors
    03 Nov 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Federal Judge Aileen Cannon [R]
    needlessly interfered to protect Donald Trump by hamstringing the FBI's ability to reclaim classified government documents he illegally took with him to Mar-a-Lago by issuing an egregiously bad ruling appointing a "special master" to review the documents before they could examine them further which was later overturned unanimously by one of the most conservative appeals courts in the country
    05 Sep 2022
    According to a ruling in Trump's favor handed down by Judge Cannon
  • State's Attorney Matthew Leveridge [R-KY]
    had an extramarital affair with a probation officer who worked closely with defendants he presumably could have secured convictions on which makes him vulnerable to claims of bias in court
    03 Aug 2022
    According to a report by The Daily Beast
  • State's Attorney Matthew Leveridge [R-KY]
    engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman who was serving jury duty in the court he was prosecuting cases in and would often boast to her that he "don't have no boss" who could reprimand him for it
    03 Aug 2022
    According to a report by The Daily Beast
  • Judge Jonathan Young [R-TN]
    had sex with a married woman who was actively involved in a case in his courtroom and didn't recuse himself or disclose his behavior
    31 Jul 2022
    According to a ruling by the TN board of Judicial Conduct that suspended Young for the remainder of his term
  • TX Attorney General Ken Paxton [R]
    accepted thousands of dollars' worth of home remodeling and repairs in addition to securing employment for a woman he was having an affair with from wealthy real estate developer Nate Paul in exchange for investigating Paul's business adversaries and helping him settle a lawsuit in his favor
    11 Feb 2021
    According to an official complaint filed by seven of Paxton's top aides
  • State Sen. Joey Hensley [R-TN]
    prescribed opioids to several family members and his romantic partner in violation of rules prohibiting doctors from treating and prescribing medication to people they are close with
    05 Nov 2020
    According to a ruling placing his medical license on probation by the TN Board of Medical Examiners
  • Judge Kim Chaney [R-AL]
    improperly directed $105,000 in court-appointed legal work to his son who was an attorney in the public defenders office
    26 Feb 2020
    According to a final ruling by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary that fined him $3,700
  • Judge Ronnie Dortch [R-KY]
    engaged in a yearlong sexual relationship with a woman who was a defendant in a felony case being litigated in his court and admitted to privately discussing the case with her when confronted
    24 Feb 2017
    According to a final ruling by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission