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  • County Commissioner John Novello [R-NY]
    Stole over $59k from a local Republican committee and spent it on personal expenses including mortgage payments, wine trips, luxury candies and everyday expenses like groceries
    14 Feb 2024
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Bought luxury clothing, erotic adult content online, luxury skin care products, meals and paid off personal debts with more than $50,000 in campaign contributions he told donors would be used to support his bid for Congress
    16 Nov 2023
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Omar Navarro [2016 GOP CA Rep. Nominee]
    Funneled at least $107,885 worth of campaign contributions into his personal accounts which he used to fund trips to Las Vegas, Napa Valley and other locations by creating a sham charity called the “United Latino Foundation” and enlisting his mother and close friend to help him transfer the money
    27 Sep 2023
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Aide Sam Miele
    Impersonated a top aide to then Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in fundraising emails that tricked more than a dozen donors into giving money to George Santos's political campaign and received a 15% commission on each contribution
    16 Aug 2023
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • State Sen. Brian Kelsey [R-TN]
    Illegally transferred $91,000 from his political campaign and a nonprofit organization to an authorized federal campaign committee supporting his candidacy using money not subject to reporting regulations to help his 2016 bid for US Congress and then hid the transactions from the FEC
    11 Aug 2023
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Herschel Walker [2022 GOP GA Senator Nominee]
    Defrauded a donor who gave him $535,200 to use on his campaign which he diverted to his personal business accounts instead and broke campaign finance laws by not disclosing it in a scheme multiple campaign finance experts called “unprecedented,” “stunning,” and “jaw-dropping”
    03 May 2023
    According to an exclusive investigative report by The Daily Beast
  • State Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson [R-AR]
    Illegally spent over $100,000 in campaign contributions on personal expenses and then tried to cover it up by filing numerous false tax returns
    03 Feb 2023
    He pleaded guilty to tax and wire fraud and was sentenced to 46 months in prison and ordered to pay over $350,000 in fines
  • Pocketed $3,000 from a GoFundMe fundraiser meant to save a homeless veteran's dying service dog who later died
    17 Jan 2023
    According to an investigative report by
  • Collected $50 per person at a fundraiser he hosted for animal rescue charity Friends of Pets United that did not appear to exist which makes you wonder where that money went
    19 Dec 2022
    According to an investigative report by The New York Times
  • Steve Bannon [Fmr. Trump Chief Strategist]
    Stole $1 million in donations from a "We Build the Wall" GoFundMe campaign using fake invoices and accounts
    08 Sep 2022
    According to charging documents filed by the Manhattan District Attorney's office
  • Commissioner John Oxendine [R-GA]
    Spent roughly $100,000 in campaign donations on personal expenses that included a down payment on a home, luxury cars and childcare expenses
    12 May 2022
    According to a complaint filed by the Georgia Ethics Commission which he settled by agreeing to forfeit $128,000 dollars left in his campaign account without admitting any guilt
  • State Sen. Sam McCann [R-IL]
    Spent over $200,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses including his mortgage and cars
    03 Feb 2021
    According to charging documents filed by federal prosecutors
  • Mayor Anthony Silva [R-CA]
    Embezzled $2.7 million from a local Boys and Girls Club over a four-year period and also used the organization's credit card for personal trips to the Philippines and Lake Tahoe, hotels, retail purchases and membership to dating website
    21 Oct 2019
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • State Sen. John Courson [R-SC]
    Stole $159k from his election campaign and spent it on personal expenses by routing funds through a political consulting firm that in turn paid him over a series of transactions
    04 Jun 2018
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Rep. Steve Stockman [R-TX]
    Illegally spent $1.25 million dollars in funds meant for charity on campaign and personal expenses including hot air balloon rides and a new dishwasher
    16 Mar 2017
    He was convicted on 23 felony counts and sentenced to ten years in prison and a $1 million fine
  • Rep. Duncan Hunter [R-CA]
    Stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from his campaign to spend on everyday personal expenses like family vacations, private school tuition and jewelry so he could live the opulent lifestyle his taxpayer funded salary didn't provide
    Apr 2016
    He pleaded guilty to using campaign funds for private use and was sentenced to eleven months in prison, but was pardoned by Donald Trump before his sentence began
  • Rep. Aaron Schock [R-IL]
    Received nearly $50,000 he was not entitled to after he lied about driving 90,000 more miles than he actually did in reimbursement forms he filed with the government and his campaign
    17 Mar 2015
    According to a report by Politico