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  • Kari Lake [2022 GOP AZ Gov. Nominee]
    defamed AZ County Recorder Stephen Richer (R) by baselessly accusing him of adding over 300,000 fraudulent ballots to Maricopa County's vote count in order to steal the election from her and then later admitted in court that she had no defense against his lawsuit and forfeited her right to a trial
    26 Mar 2024
    Lake asked the court to move directly to the damages phase of the trial which will determine how much Richer is owed for her defamation
  • Justin Wells [Fox News Producer]
    was sued for "violently" forcibly kissing and sexually assaulting a fellow male Fox News producer on two separate occasions even after his advances were rebuffed and for intimidating his victim in to keeping quiet by warning him not to report what happened to Fox's human resources department
    05 Dec 2023
    According to a lawsuit filed by alleged victim Andrew Delancey
  • State Rep. Fabi├ín Basabe [R-FL]
    was sued for sexual harassment for making unwanted sexual advances on a male legislative aide and male legislative intern
    13 Sep 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by the alleged victims
  • State House Speaker Tim Moore [R-NC]
    Was sued for $200k by a husband who claimed he used his position to persuade his wife, who was a mid-level state government employee, to engage in a yearslong affair that included instances of group sex and led to the eventual destruction of the couple's marriage
    19 Jun 2023
    According to a $200,000 civil lawsuit filed by former Republican candidate Scott Lassiter
  • Tucker Carlson [Fox News Host]
    was sued by Fox News for breach of contract after he debuted a show on Twitter that violated the terms of his contract with them
    07 Jun 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by Fox News
  • Project Veritas Founder James O'Keefe
    was sued by his former company Project Veritas for spending $150,000 on private cars, $10,000 on a helicopter flight and other frivolous expenses in violation of his contract
    31 May 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by Project Veritas
  • Roger Stone
    was sued for defamation by rightwing activist Lawyer Larry Klayman after he called him a child molester
    12 Aug 2021
    According to a defamation lawsuit filed by Klayman
  • was sued for defamation by disgraced former host Ed Henry because he claimed the network and CEO Suzanne Scott publicly portrayed him as a "sex criminal" and only fired him because Ms. Scott was trying to save face after the explosive allegations against him came to light
    01 Jul 2021
    According to a civil lawsuit filed in federal court
  • Jason Miller [Fmr. Trump Comms Adviser]
    was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in owed back child support and $3,167 per month to a woman he had a baby with during an extramarital affair until the child turns 18
    15 Sep 2020
    According to a lawsuit filed by former staffer A.J. Delgado
  • Trump Campaign
    was sued for discrimination by a staffer who alleged the campaign rescinded a job offer in the Trump White House after finding out that she was pregnant with incoming White House communications director Jason Miller's child
    24 Dec 2019
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by former staffer A.J. Delgado