Republican Cronyism - Appointing Loyalists Over More Qualified Candidates

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  • TX Attorney General Ken Paxton [R]
    had a yearslong extramarital affair with a woman who worked for a Republican state senator and was able to keep it secret by using a fake Uber account to rendezvous with her and then facilitated her transfer to a job working for a wealthy business executive and donor he was criminally involved with
    05 Nov 2020
    According to two people with direct knowledge who spoke on condition of anonymity with The Associated Press
  • Sen. John Ensign [R-NV]
    had his parents pay his close friend and his friend's wife who he had an affair with $96,000 to keep them both quiet and used his influence to get his friend a corporate lobbying job, all of which resulted in him eventually resigning from the senate
    09 Jul 2009
    According to reports by mainstream media outlets