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  • Kari Lake [2022 GOP AZ Gov. Nominee]
    was accused of deceptively editing a leaked recording of a private conversation where AZ Republican Party Chair Jeff DeWitt appeared to offer her a bribe to drop out of the 2024 U.S. Senate race but which he says was "selectively edited" by Lake in order to get him fired from party leadership
    24 Jan 2024
  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy [R-CA]
    was accused of intentionally elbowing fellow GOP Rep. Tim Burchett in his kidneys and then running away when he turned around to see who hit him
    14 Nov 2023
  • State Rep. Charlie Green [R-TX]
    accused Texas AG Ken Paxton of personally calling and threatening "several" Texas State Rep's with "political consequences" if they vote to impeach him for corruption
    27 May 2023
    According to a speech delivered by Rep. Green in the Texas State House
  • Lawyer Timothy Parlatore
    quit defending Donald Trump because fellow lawyer Boris Epshteyn "was not very honest" and behaved as a gatekeeper who prevented other lawyers from giving Trump the legal advice they thought was best
    20 May 2023
    According to an exclusive interview Parlatore gave to CNN
  • Tennessee House Republicans
    infighting resulted in one unknown Republican house member urinating on a chair in the legislative office of fellow state Rep. Rick Tillis [R] while a small group of operatives watched presumably in retaliation to his operation of an anonymous Twitter account which posted negative gossip about fellow Republicans he disliked
    08 Apr 2023
    According to multiple eyewitness reports and confirmed by mainstream outlets
  • Activist Joseph Turner
    accused California Republican Assembly Leader Chad Mayes of illegally using state resources to maintain his extramarital affair with former Republican Assembly Leader Kristin Olsen after he voted with Democrats to pass a major climate change initiative in the state
    19 Jul 2017
    According to allegations made by the conservative activist reported by local media