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  • Shared top-secret secrets about U.S. nuclear submarines well after he left the Presidency including the number of nuclear warheads they can carry and how close they can get to Russian submarines without being detected with Australian billionaire and Mar-a-Lago member Anthony Pratt who shared these secrets with at least 45 other people including foreign officials, his employees, and journalists
    05 Oct 2023
    According to an exclusive report by ABC News
  • Mark Meadows [Fmr. Trump Chief of Staff]
    Gave a highly classified binder of FBI documents relating to the 2016 Trump-Russia investigation to two sympathetic right-wing media personalities for propaganda purposes
    26 Sep 2023
    According to excerpts from a book by former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson
  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas [R]
    Secretly flew on a private plane to attend events hosted by a right-wing organization which frequently argued cases before the Supreme Court and failed to disclose it which a George W. Bush appointed judge characterized as taking his "breath away" and noted that it would have resulted in a "disciplinary hearing" for any lower court federal judge
    22 Sep 2023
    According to an exclusive investigative report by Pro Publica
  • Compromised classified information on notecards used to brief him during phone calls with international leaders by using the backs to write every day to-do lists to his personal assistant who was uncleared to access classified information and, unaware, also kept them in her unsecured office in Mar-a-Lago until eventually noticing classified markings and alerting the FBI
    Staff Notes: How astoundingly lazy and incompetent can someone be at the same time? He couldn't be bothered to have his assistant order blank cards to use instead of ones with classified info carelessly lying around his office?
    18 Sep 2023
    According to an exclusive report by ABC News
  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas [R]
    Violated ethics laws by financing a $267,230 recreational vehicle he couldn't otherwise afford due to debt through a wealthy health care executive of which both parties refused to disclose the terms of the loan presumably because they would appear to be overly favorable
    05 Aug 2023
    According to an exclusive report by The New York Times
  • Rep. Derrick Van Orden
    Held an alcohol fueled party in his Congressional office moments before he went on an unhinged rant against teenage Senate pages for not being respectful of the history and grandeur of the US Capitol
    28 Jul 2023
    According to a photograph of his office that showed copious amounts of alcohol on a nearby table
  • Ordered a Mar-a-Lago maintenance worker to move and hide 64 boxes filled with highly classified and sensitive information after receiving a subpoena that ordered him to return all government documents in his possession
    27 Jul 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Showed and discussed a top-secret military map that he illegally retained when he left the White House which laid out a "plan of attack" against Iran to a writer, publisher, and two staffers who did not have security clearances at an insecure location at his Bedminster golf club
    09 Jun 2023
    According to can audio recording during which he admitted on tape that the map was "highly confidential" and that he "could have declassified" it when he was President but "now I can't"
  • Showed a classified map detailing a secret military operation he illegally retained when he left the White House to a staffer of his PAC after admitting that he shouldn't be showing it to anyone and telling the staffer not to get "too close" to it while meeting with him at his Bedminster golf club
    09 Jun 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Ordered his personal aide and "body man" Walt Nauta to move and hide 64 boxes filled with highly classified and sensitive information after receiving a subpoena that ordered him to return all government documents in his possession
    09 Jun 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Stored top-secret and classified documents he illegally took with him to Mar-a-Lago at the conclusion of his term in his unsecured office, bathroom, bedroom, ballroom and storage room in plain view for tens of thousands of guests and potential US adversaries to see
    Staff Notes: Bedroom's and bathroom's almost always lock from the inside, which means any classified documents stored in these areas could have been easily accessible to any number of people who had access to them
    09 Jun 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Mark Meadows [Fmr. Trump Chief of Staff]
    Removed more than a thousand pages of classified documents from the White House on Trump's orders and was seen putting them in the trunk of his car late at night on the final evening of his presidency
    08 Jun 2023
    According to three former top aides to Meadows reported on by Murray Waas in an exclusive report published on Substack
  • State House Speaker Dade Phelan [R-TX]
    Repeatedly slurred his speech and swayed back and forth as he led official proceedings as the Texas Speaker of the House in a way fellow Republican and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton described as "debilitating intoxication"
    19 May 2023
    According to reports by local and state media
  • Drank alcohol "all day and night" despite having serious professional responsibilities including being a lawyer for Donald Trump according to his aide Noelle Dunphy who had a job to make sure he was a "functioning" alcoholic
    16 May 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by former employee Noelle Dunphy reported on by mainstream outlets
  • Discussed classified and sensitive information with Donald Trump on speakerphone while his aide could hear and gave the same aide unfettered access to his email accounts that also contained confidential and highly sensitive information
    15 May 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by former employee Noelle Dunphy reported on by mainstream outlets
  • State Comptroller Richard Eckstrom [R-SC]
    Misreported $3.5 billion that did not exist in South Carolina's yearly financial report due to a coding error that compounded for 15 years while he was in charge during which he once brandished an "Accounting for Dummies" book at a talk for new employees for dramatic effect and may explain why he ignored repeated warnings by auditors and waited five years to approve a recommended full review that finally uncovered the problem
    23 Mar 2023
    According to an investigative report by South Carolina representatives that resulted in his resignation
  • Intentionally lied to his own attorneys about his knowledge of any classified documents in his possession which resulted in his lawyer unwittingly submitting a false sworn certification of that fact to federal investigators
    22 Mar 2023
    According to multiple sources and reported on by multiple major outlets
  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy [R-CA]
    Gave Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of January 6 insurrection footage captured by surveillance cameras throughout the Capitol complex despite the very real possibility that sensitive information pertaining to the security of the Capitol could be made public
    Staff Notes: This was especially egregious for many reasons!
    22 Feb 2023
    According to an exclusive report by Axios
  • Granted Melania Trump access to the White House Situation Room during a highly secretive US military raid targeting an ISIS leader in a clear breach of rules prohibiting people who lack the proper security clearance from entering the room
    07 Feb 2023
    According to former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller
  • Shared an image taken from a highly secretive spy satellite that could have helped adversaries better understand US spy capabilities to his Twitter followers
    18 Nov 2022
    According to a declassified document obtained by NPR
  • Sheriff Laurie Smith [R-CA]
    Raked in thousands of dollars in illegal "pay-for-play" campaign donations from wealthy donors in exchange for granting them concealed weapons permits and accepted gifts including a suite at an NHL game from the same donors
    03 Nov 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Federal Judge Aileen Cannon [R]
    Needlessly interfered to protect Donald Trump by hamstringing the FBI's ability to reclaim classified government documents he illegally took with him to Mar-a-Lago by issuing an egregiously bad ruling appointing a "special master" to review the documents before they could examine them further which was later overturned unanimously by one of the most conservative appeals courts in the country
    05 Sep 2022
    According to a ruling in Trump's favor handed down by Judge Cannon
  • Sheriff Bubba Jones [R-KY]
    Was indicted for official misconduct in office and tampering with a witness in an apparent attempt to cover his tracks
    11 Aug 2022
    According to a plea deal reached with state authorities
  • State's Attorney Matthew Leveridge [R-KY]
    Had an extramarital affair with a probation officer who worked closely with defendants he presumably could have secured convictions on which makes him vulnerable to claims of bias in court
    03 Aug 2022
    According to a report by The Daily Beast
  • State's Attorney Matthew Leveridge [R-KY]
    Engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman who was serving jury duty in the court he was prosecuting cases in and would often boast to her that he "don't have no boss" who could reprimand him for it
    03 Aug 2022
    According to a report by The Daily Beast
  • Judge Jonathan Young [R-TN]
    Had sex with a married woman who was actively involved in a case in his courtroom and didn't recuse himself or disclose his behavior
    31 Jul 2022
    According to a ruling by the TN board of Judicial Conduct that suspended Young for the remainder of his term
  • Sen. Marco Rubio [R-FL]
    Broke security protocols by sharing live images of a briefing U.S. Representatives & Senators had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy despite being asked not to share any posts or images until the meeting had concluded
    05 Mar 2022
    According to reporting by NBC News & other media outlets
  • TX Attorney General Ken Paxton [R]
    Accepted thousands of dollars' worth of home remodeling and repairs in addition to securing employment for a woman he was having an affair with from wealthy real estate developer Nate Paul in exchange for investigating Paul's business adversaries and helping him settle a lawsuit in his favor
    11 Feb 2021
    According to an official complaint filed by seven of Paxton's top aides
  • Incited the January 6th insurrection on the Capitol by fomenting a large crowd into a frenzy and directing them to do whatever they can to stop the certification of Joe Biden's 2020 presidential victory
    06 Jan 2021
    He was impeached by a bipartisan majority in the House, but the Senate fell 10 votes short of convicting him
  • State Sen. Joey Hensley [R-TN]
    Prescribed opioids to several family members and his romantic partner in violation of rules prohibiting doctors from treating and prescribing medication to people they are close with
    05 Nov 2020
    According to a ruling placing his medical license on probation by the TN Board of Medical Examiners
  • Loren Culp [2020 WA GOP Gov. Candidate]
    Threatened to charge a young rape victim who wanted to report a relative who raped and molested her for twelve years with making false claims and didn't report her accusations to the state Department of Social and Health Services as required by state law, which allowed the offender to remain free for one more year until another police department opened an investigation and arrested the relative
    05 Jul 2020
    According to a lawsuit filed by the alleged victim and reported by local media
  • Judge Kim Chaney [R-AL]
    Improperly directed $105,000 in court-appointed legal work to his son who was an attorney in the public defenders office
    26 Feb 2020
    According to a final ruling by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary that fined him $3,700
  • Discussed highly sensitive and classified intelligence with Russia's Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the US that worried US officials so much they secretly extracted one of its most senior covert intelligence assets inside of Russia out of fear for their safety
    09 Sep 2019
    According to multiple top officials in the Trump Administration and first reported on by CNN
  • Ordered that his son-in-law Jared Kushner receive a top-secret security clearance over the objection of national security and intelligence officials who recommended he be denied clearance due to his business ties in foreign countries
    28 Feb 2019
    According to an investigative report by The New York Times who
  • Confiscated the notes taken by a staffer who interpreted a meeting between himself and Vladimir Putin and ordered them to not divulge details of the conversation even to senior members in his Administration, which former deputy secretary of state Strobe Tallbott said gave Putin "much more scope to manipulate Trump" because senior Administration officials are left in the dark
    13 Jan 2019
    According to current and former officials and reported on by The Washington Post
  • Used an unsecured private cell phone to speak with friends and acquaintances even after repeated warnings from US intelligence officials that Chinese and Russian spies were listening in on his calls
    24 Oct 2018
    According to both current and former US officials and reported on by The New York Times
  • Shared highly classified information with Russia's Foreign Minister given by Israel in confidence about an undercover mission to penetrate ISIS fighters developing undetectable bombs of which a retired former intelligence officer noted how damaging this was in that ally countries would now "think twice before sharing sensitive information" with the USA because Trump cannot be trusted to keep the information secure
    22 Nov 2017
    According to multiple Administration officials and reported on my numerous media outlets
  • John Kelly [Chief of Staff]
    Failed to take appropriate security precautions to keep his personal devices secure during his time at Homeland Security and later as Trump's Chief-of-Staff, potentially exposing his private conversations to US adversaries
    06 Oct 2017
    According to a report by Politico
  • Divulged the existence of a secret CIA program that armed and trained fighters aiming to topple Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad from power on his Twitter account
    25 Jul 2017
    According to a Tweet he posted on his official account
  • Judge Ronnie Dortch [R-KY]
    Engaged in a yearlong sexual relationship with a woman who was a defendant in a felony case being litigated in his court and admitted to privately discussing the case with her when confronted
    24 Feb 2017
    According to a final ruling by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission
  • District Attorney Matthew Shirk [R-FL]
    Discussed showering and having sex with three subordinates in private messages, sent one a private message that said "I think if we had sex there would be very minimal awkwardness afterwards," drank to excess with them in his office, and later fired all three after his wife caught him
    05 Jan 2017
    According to an exclusive report by The Florida Times-Union