Republican Infidelity Scandals | GOP Extramarital Affairs

  115 Republicans (that we could find so far) cheated 212 times (since 2000)
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Why Republicans Cheat

Cheating Comes Naturally to Republicans

  • Republicans lie and cheat constantly without shame so it should come as no surprise when Republican politicians and other conservatives engage in extramarital affairs while propagating hypocritical "family values" propaganda to Americans that they clearly don't actually believe in themselves.

It's Less Risky for Republicans to Cheat

  • Conservative media will ignore, lie about or spin affairs to help Republicans caught cheating
  • Spouses will also cover for cheaters as well either because they believe the right-wing media spin or out of loyalty to the GOP first

Republicans are Shameless

  • Republicans have no qualms smearing credible accusers and victims as liars if it benefits them

Republicans Less Likely to Get Divorced

  • Liberals in unhappy marriages have no problems choosing to separate and get divorced
  • Divorce is frowned upon by many social conservatives leaving cheating on your spouse as a preferable alternative especially if they are worried about losing a GOP primary election

Republican Voters Care Less About Cheating

  • The Republican base doesn't care as much about integrity and character of their politicians
  • They may actually like them more if they cheat because then they can repent and atone for their "sin" and "moral failure"
  • Many conservatives also believe that if a man cheats it's automatically the woman's fault using words like seduced, manipulative and derogatory terms falsely stereotyping women
  • Even if you don't repent and they believe the affair happened it doesn't matter. A Republican could cheat on his wife right after she had a baby with an adult film actress and they won't care. They want liars and cheaters in office.

Republicans Hold Toxic Relationship Beliefs

  • Social conservatives also embrace unhealthy, outdated and sexist beliefs with regards to marriage which can lead to more unhappy relationships with all other things being equal
  • Many on the right believe that the husband is the head of a household, that wives must be submissive and should cook, clean, stay at home and raise children instead of having careers
  • This toxic ideology on right on how men should behave and treat women all contribute to more unhappy relationships for conservatives which leads to more extramarital affairs. After all, "boys will be boys."

We've documented some notable examples of conservative extramarital affairs many of which makes you wonder if they have even the slightest sense of shame and some that include sexual harassment or assault.