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  • State Rep. Brian Stout [R-OR]
    kissed and cuddled with a woman who wasn't his wife in his office and then out of nowhere pushed her onto the couch and physically restrained her while he quietly stared at her with what she described as a "weird look" which frightened her so much that was granted a restraining order against him for five years
    02 Dec 2022
  • thrust his crotch on Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos and forcibly kissed her without consent inside a Beverly Hills Hotel suite he asked her to visit ostensibly to talk about future employment opportunities at the same time he was married to Melania
    24 Oct 2019
    Zervos solicited advice from lawyer Gloria Allred about Trump's alleged assault four years before he first ran for office, Told family and close friends immediately after the alleged assault, Records show Trump stayed at the hotel the same night as the alleged assault, Registered Republican
  • kissed journalist Faith Daniels on the lips right in front of the paparazzi without her consent while he was dating future wife Marla Maples at the time
    17 Jul 2019
    Caught on video by NBC News taping a segment for Daniels' talk show
  • kissed "Apprentice" contestant Jennifer Murphy on the mouth without her consent outside of an elevator at Trump Tower the same year he married Melania
    24 Jun 2019
    Firsthand account from Jennifer Murphy, Voted for Trump
  • State Sen. Bryce Marlatt [R-OK]
    forcibly grabbed and kissed his female Uber driver on the neck without her consent while he was married with three children
    09 May 2019
    He pled guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to 90 days of probation and ordered to pay a $500 fine
  • grabbed the hand of and kissed campaign worker Alva Johnson on the mouth even after she tried to turn her head away while he was married to Melania
    25 Feb 2019
    Firsthand account from Trump campaign worker Alva Johnson, Allegedly witnessed by then-Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, then-State Director Karen Giorno, and Regional Directors Earl “Tony” Ledbetter, Mitch Tyner and Nick Corvino, Called her partner and parents to tell them what Trump did the same night it happened
  • State Sen. Bill Dix [R-IA]
    passionately kissed a lobbyist while visiting with her at a local bar while also being married with three young children
    12 Mar 2018
    He resigned from office shortly after a video of his infidelity was released
  • Steve Wynn
    kissed dozens of female employees on multiple occasions without warning in an attempt to also have sex with them while also being married
    27 Jan 2018
    According to exclusive report by The Wall Street Journal
  • James Rosen [Reporter]
    kissed a female Fox News reporter on the lips without her consent when she was trapped inside an elevator with him and then attempted to forcibly kiss her a second time after she rebuffed him while also being married with young children
    10 Jan 2018
    According to interviews with eight former colleagues at Fox News and reported by NPR
  • kissed Fox News TV host Juliet Huddy on the lips instead of cheek around the time he and Melania married
    08 Dec 2017
    Firsthand account from Huddy, Trump admitted to the kiss in front of a studio audience and producers during an appearance on Huddy's Fox News show years later
  • State Sen. Jack Latvala [R-FL]
    kissed a lobbyist on the lips in public less than two years after marrying his second wife
    03 Nov 2017
    According to an investigative report by Politico noting a private investigator took a picture of them kissing
  • grabbed and kissed journalist Katy Tur on the cheek without her consent and before she had time to duck out of the way at the same time he was married to Melania
    13 Sep 2017
    Firsthand account from Tur in her book published by premier company HarperCollins, Trump admitted to giving her a "big kiss" moment after it happened during an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe
  • kissed adult film star Jessica Drake and two other women without their consent inside his private hotel suite less than a year after he married Melania
    22 Oct 2016
    Firsthand account from Drake, Photographed with Trump at a golf tournament the day of the alleged incident
  • grabbed and kissed Mar-a-Lago guest Cathy Heller on the side of the mouth without consent and nearly caused her to lose her balance as she tried to deflect his advances while being married to Marla
    16 Oct 2016
    Firsthand account from Heller, Confirmed by close friend Susan Klein whom Heller confided in soon after the alleged incident and a relative who was at the event and witnessed Trump being aggressive with her from a distance, Confided in close friends about the incident before it became public
  • kissed receptionist Rachel Crooks on the mouth without her consent outside of an elevator at Trump Tower after recently marrying Melania
    14 Oct 2016
    Firsthand account from Crooks, Told her sister Brianne Webb immediately after it happened
  • pushed journalist Natasha Stoynoff against a wall and shoved his tongue down her throat in a private room at Mar-a-Lago for a minute until she managed to break away, and he then said "you know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you?" moments before a pregnant Melania walked in to do a joint interview on their recent wedding and marriage
    12 Oct 2016
    Confided in a work colleague the next day
  • kissed a close friend of CNN's Erin Burnett "almost on her lips" without her consent and later invited her into his office alone where he showered her with compliments and gave her his personal cell number presumably in an attempt to have an affair while married to Melania
    07 Oct 2016
    According to a corroborating witness and exclusively reported by CNN
  • Alderman Mike Yenni [R-LA]
    sent explicit texts to a 17-year-old boy asking if he and a 19-year-old friend of his would have three-way sex with him and for pictures of him in his underwear -- which may have violated a federal law designed to protect children from online obscenity even if it didn't violate his state's age of consent law -- leading to them eventually meeting in which he kissed him at a mall all while being married
    29 Sep 2016
    According to an exclusive investigative report by WWL-TV
  • State Rep. Jeremy Durham [R-TN]
    kissed a legislative assistant on the neck without her consent and sent suggestive text messages asking her for risqué pictures while also being married, which led to her quitting and finding a new job in the private sector to avoid interacting with him
    13 Jul 2016
    According to a report from the Tennessee Attorney General
  • kissed 21-year-old Miss USA contestant Temple Taggart "directly on the lips" without her consent on two occasions that made her say to herself "Oh my God, gross!" while he was married to Marla Maples
    14 May 2016
    Firsthand account from Taggart
  • State Rep. Tara Mack [R-MN]
    made out with fellow state rep Tim Kelly with her pants down inside a parked car at a local park while being married to a pastor and having two kids and later falsely accused the park ranger who caught them of lying in an attempt to cover it up
    15 Sep 2015
    According to a report filed by the park ranger who caught them
  • State Rep. Tim Kelly [R-MI]
    kissed fellow state rep Tara Mack with her pants down inside a car at a local park while also being nearly twenty years older than her and married with four children
    15 Sep 2015
    According to a report filed by the park ranger who caught them
  • Rep. Vance McAllister [R-LA]
    made out with one of his married congressional aides inside his office while he was married with five kids
    07 Apr 2014
    According to a video of the incident reported by local media