Corrupt Pardons by Republicans Rewarding Loyalty

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  • rewarded Dutch attorney Alex van der Zwaan with a pardon after he refused to cooperate with the Mueller investigation and served a 30-day sentence for lying to the FBI about his work with top Trump adviser Rick Gates and an individual tied to Russian intelligence services
    23 Dec 2020
  • pardoned his senior adviser Roger Stone as a reward for him refusing to testify against Trump after publicly bashing the US Attorneys who prosecuted the criminal obstruction and witness tampering case against him
    23 Dec 2020
  • rewarded his 2016 campaign chairman Paul Manafort with a pardon after he served less than two years of his 7-year sentence after inexplicably breaking his plea deal by lying to investigators about information potentially damaging to Trump
    23 Dec 2020
  • pardoned former Rep. Chris Collins as a reward for being the first member of Congress to endorse his 2016 campaign resulting in him only serving 10 weeks of a 26-month prison sentence for insider trading
    Staff Notes: Not a coincidence he happened to get pardoned. The message is if you are loyal to Trump, he will return the favor.
    22 Dec 2020
  • pardoned former Rep. and early 2016 campaign supporter Duncan Hunter who admitted to stealing campaign contributions for personal use days before he was set to begin his 11-month prison sentence
    22 Dec 2020
  • rewarded former national security adviser Michael Flynn with a pardon after he stopped cooperating with investigators following his guilty plea for lying to the FBI over his communications with top Russian officials before he was sentenced and without consulting with the Justice Department first
    26 Nov 2020
  • pardoned a Republican House candidate and QAnon conspiracy theorist who was a major Trump backer and previously served two years in prison for her role in an organized auto theft ring back in 2004
    18 Feb 2020