Republican Offensive Touching Assault Scandals

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  • Clay Higgins [R-LA]
    forcefully grabbed and pushed back a citizen journalist filming him and other congresspeople giving a press conference outside the US Capitol as the victim yelled "you're hurting me!" while asking Higgins to let him go
    18 May 2023
    According to a video of the incident reported by The Daily Beast
  • Corey Lewandowski ['16 Trump Campaign Manager]
    smacked MAGA singer Joy Villa's behind "really hard" as he posed for a picture with her and then smacked it a second time after she said she could report him for it
    22 Dec 2017
    According to a statement by the alleged victim first reported by Politico
  • poured a glass of wine down journalist Marie Brenner’s back because he was angry about an unflattering story she wrote profiling him and hiss first wife Ivana
    14 Nov 2017
    According to statements reported on by the victim