Having Children Out of Wedlock Hypocrisy Scandals

There's obviously nothing wrong with having children when you are not married, and there are many scenarios when this happens. However, many social conservatives -- who dominate the Republican party agenda -- believe things such as not having sex until marriage, not getting pregnant unless married and never getting divorced. So if a Republican hypocritically has a child out of wedlock (especially if they are married), that is quite scandalous. We have documented notable instances of Republicans having children when not married below.
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  • Rep. Lauren Boebert [R-CO]
    got pregnant and gave birth to a boy during her senior year of high school
    17 May 2023
    According to reports by mainstream media outlets
  • State's Attorney Matthew Leveridge [R-KY]
    impregnated a criminal defendant his office prosecuted sometime during their two-month affair and then rescinded her pretrial diversion agreement presumably out of payback for telling his wife about the affair and baby
    03 Aug 2022
    According to a report by The Daily Beast
  • Herschel Walker [2022 GOP GA Senator Nominee]
    fathered three secret children out of wedlock and only took responsibility for his youngest child after the mother took him to court in order to force him to pay child support
    14 Jun 2022
    According to an investigative report by The Daily Beast
  • Pete Hegseth [Commentator]
    had a monthslong affair with a married Fox News executive producer which resulted in a baby while also being married with kids himself
    26 Oct 2017
    According to a report by Mediaite
  • Jason Miller [Fmr. Trump Comms Adviser]
    impregnated his direct subordinate on the 2016 Trump campaign who went on to have a boy after a monthslong extramarital affair while his wife was pregnant with their second child
    10 Aug 2017
    According to reporting by mainstream outlets
  • Sen. Pete Domenici [R-NM]
    fathered a son with a fellow US Senator's daughter while married with eight children and kept it secret for more than 30 years
    20 Feb 2013
    According to an admission by the former Senator in an op-ed over 30 years after he fathered the child
  • Rep. Vito Fossella [R-NY]
    kept a secret second family with a former Air Force colonel who gave birth to his daughter and lived part time with them in another state while also being married with three young children who made conservative "family values" a central part of his political identity
    17 Oct 2008
    According to his own admission in a court proceeding