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  • Urged his longtime personal assistant to lie to federal authorities investigating his illegal retention of classified documents by telling her point-blank "you don't know anything about the boxes" which CNN chief legal analyst Elie Honig characterized as "textbook obstruction of justice" and "textbook witness tampering" that has the protentional to be "really devastating" for Trump
    19 Sep 2023
    According to an exclusive report by ABC News
  • Rep. Ronny Jackson [R-TX]
    Was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed by police officers after refusing repeating commands to not interfere with emergency responders helping a 15-year-old girl experiencing seizures during which he screamed one was a "f*cking full-on d*ck!" who "better recalculate, motherf*cker!" while also hypocritically promising he will "ALWAYS stand by our country's police officers" which apparently only applies when it is politically convenient for him
    15 Aug 2023
    According to bodycam footage released by local police
  • Brazenly called for the former Lt. Governor of Georgia to refuse to testify before a grand jury criminally investigating him for trying to overturn the 2020 election results in the state which multiple legal experts characterized as "witness tampering in real time"
    14 Aug 2023
    According to a Truth Social post written by Trump and reported by mainstream outlets
  • Activist Ammon Bundy
    Was held in contempt and arrested for brazenly and publicly refusing to comply with an order to appear in court to face defamation charges brought against him by a local hospital
    12 Aug 2023
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • NYPD Union President Ed Mullins
    Stole nearly $1 million from a NYC police officers union by filing falsified expense reports for personal items including lavish meals and luxury clothing and over-inflating the amount he should be reimbursed for countless other expenses for over four years to such a degree that prosecutors described it as a "personal piggy bank" and then lied to federal officials when they confronted him
    04 Aug 2023
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Ordered a Mar-a-Lago maintenance worker to move and hide 64 boxes filled with highly classified and sensitive information after receiving a subpoena that ordered him to return all government documents in his possession
    27 Jul 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Pressured his personal attorney Evan Corcoran to lie to investigators about classified documents illegally in his possession and further asked, "what happens if we just don't respond at all or don't play ball with them"
    09 Jun 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Walt Nauta [Trump "Bodyman"]
    Hid boxes filled with classified and highly sensitive government documents after his boss Donald Trump was subpoenaed for them which were later found when the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, and then he lied to federal agents when they questioned him about it
    09 Jun 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Ordered his personal aide and "body man" Walt Nauta to move and hide 64 boxes filled with highly classified and sensitive information after receiving a subpoena that ordered him to return all government documents in his possession
    09 Jun 2023
    According to charging documents filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith
  • Was possibly complicit in having a surveillance video storage room "accidentally" flooded in a failed attempt to cover up crimes with classified documents (the FBI recovered incriminating video anyways), or it is a total coincidence that a maintenance worker -- not just any worker but one who previously helped Trump's aide move boxes with classified documents -- would be careless enough to drain a pool damaging a room at a $200k initiation fee resort that contained additional videos the FBI had an active subpoena for
    Staff Notes: It could actually be a coincidence, but how does a worker make such an egregious mistake at such an expensive resort? And of all the rooms to be flooded, it's the surveillance storage room. And also, right during when the FBI was actively looking to get more videos presumably as they found additional new dates to subpoena video footage from. And the same worker previously helped Trump's aide move boxes with classified documents.
    05 Jun 2023
    According to an exclusive report by CNN
  • Rep. Jim Jordan [R-OH]
    Pressured a sexual abuse victim's elderly parents to convince their son to retract his accusation that he knew about rampant sexual abuse by a team doctor he worked with and turned a blind eye to it for years
    17 Apr 2023
    According to an investigative report by The New York Times
  • Intentionally lied to his own attorneys about his knowledge of any classified documents in his possession which resulted in his lawyer unwittingly submitting a false sworn certification of that fact to federal investigators
    22 Mar 2023
    According to multiple sources and reported on by multiple major outlets
  • Nate Paul [Conservative Businessman]
    Lied to a judge under oath about financial transfers he made in violation of a previous court order which resulted in a judge sentencing him to 10 days in jail and fining him $181,760
    04 Mar 2023
    According to a ruling by the judge presiding over his criminal case
  • Lied to a judge about working for Goldman Sachs during a bail hearing for a friend who was accused of fraud
    24 Feb 2023
    According to court documents obtained by Politico
  • Refused to comply with a subpoena from NY Attorney General that demanded he turn over certain business records and was fined $10,000 a day -- $110,000 in total -- by a judge who held him in contempt
    14 Feb 2023
    According to a final ruling by an appeals court
  • State Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson [R-AR]
    Failed to pay over $625k in court-ordered child support even after a judge found he easily had the finances to do so and was held in contempt of court and jailed until he paid it off in full
    30 Dec 2022
    According to court documents reported by local newspapers
  • Commissioner Julianna Strout [R-FL]
    Falsely asserted she was a paralegal to federal authorities so she could enter an immigration detention facility her romantic partner was being held at
    27 Oct 2022
    She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and probation
  • State Rep. Jeremy Durham [R-TN]
    Crashed his car after which arriving officers observed signs of impairment including a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, slurred speech, dilated pupils, unsteadiness on his feet, responded with "lawyer" each of the many times he was asked to take a field sobriety test, and resisted arrest by trying to pull away from officers handcuffing him
    23 Oct 2022
    According to arresting documents filed by local police
  • Oath Keepers Lawyer Kellye SoRelle
    Encouraged potential suspects and other witnesses to destroy evidence and lie to a federal grand jury investigating members of the far-right domestic terrorist group Oath Keepers and their involvement in the 1/6 insurrection in messages on an encrypted chat messaging board
    01 Sep 2022
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Sheriff Bubba Jones [R-KY]
    Was indicted for official misconduct in office and tampering with a witness in an apparent attempt to cover his tracks
    11 Aug 2022
    According to a plea deal reached with state authorities
  • Sheriff Donald Jones [R-KY]
    Routinely communicated with a potential witness in a criminal case in the county he oversaw then "knowingly made a false statement" to try to coverup his actions after he was confronted by officials
    10 Aug 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local officials
  • Paul Manni [2020 GOP MI City Council Member Nominee]
    Forged signatures on at least nine absentee voter applications for people who were unaware he was submitting the request and lied to the county clerk by attesting he had permission to deliver the applications
    09 Aug 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local officials
  • Steve Bannon [Fmr. Trump Chief Strategist]
    Defied a Congressional subpoena requiring him to testify before the 1/6 Committee using specious claims of executive privilege and was sentenced to 4 months in jail
    22 Jul 2022
    According to a federal jury who found him guilty of contempt of Congress
  • Ryan White [2022 MD GOP Sen. Candidate]
    Filed a false police report erroneously claiming that a young child was being forced to perform sex acts on male customers at an adult bookstore he worked at which resulted in police using up valuable resources and time to investigate his accusation
    20 Jul 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Personally attempted to contact a 1/6 Committee witness presumably to pressure them to not disclose any damaging information about him when they testified before the committee
    12 Jul 2022
    According to the 1/6 Select Committee
  • Arlyn Briggs [2022 KS GOP Gov. Candidate]
    Subtly threatened to use force against the police if they entered his home to arrest a wanted fugitive he was sheltering by calling his local department and informing them he was knowledgeable of the so-called "castle doctrine" that allows people to use deadly force if someone enters their home without consent
    27 Jun 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local officials
  • Strongly hinted that he would pardon people convicted of crimes related to the 1/6 insurrection by saying he'll be "looking at them very, very seriously," but only if they didn't cooperate with authorities
    18 Jun 2022
    According to a speech he gave that was covered by multiple outlets
  • Director Peter Navarro
    Defied a Congressional subpoena requiring him to testify before the January 6th Committee by citing legally dubious claims of executive privilege
    06 Jun 2022
    According to a grand jury indictment
  • Leanette Lopez [2021 KY GOP State Rep. Candidate]
    Assaulted a police officer by grabbing and bending their hand backward while she was booked for driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting arrest in which she refused police officer orders to exit her vehicle parked in the middle of the road and when asked if she wished to contact her attorney responded with “Blah Blah Blah”
    04 Apr 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local prosecutors
  • Rep. Jeff Fortenberry [R-NE]
    Illegally accepted a $30,200 campaign contribution from Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury through three "straw donors" then lied to federal authorities after they confronted him about it
    19 Oct 2021
    According to charging documents filed by federal authorities
  • Ivan Gonzalez [2020 MD GOP Mayor Candidate]
    Falsely asserted he lived in the city of Baltimore on his official candidacy paperwork when he actually lived in the suburbs and was therefore ineligible to run for office in the city
    20 Aug 2021
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • City Council Member Mitchell Englander [R-CA]
    Schemed to cover up evidence of his acceptance of bribes by lying to federal authorities who confronted him and "counseled" his coconspirator how to mislead federal investigators on multiple occasions without knowing that he was working as a cooperating witness
    25 Jan 2021
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Vanessa Tijerina [2016 TX GOP State Sen. Candidate]
    Refused to obey repeated police commands to roll down her window while parked at a local restaurant because they smelled a strong odor of marijuana inside her car and suspected she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was caught with multiple "crack pipes" in her car that her young child was also a passenger in
    11 Jun 2020
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • GOP Consultant Richard Quinn
    Repeatedly lied under oath to the grand jury investigating a wide-ranging State House corruption scandal that involved his own son in an act that violated a plea agreement he made with state prosecutors to truthfully testify before the group
    18 Apr 2019
    According to a grand jury indictment
  • North Carolina GOP Chair Robin Hayes
    Tried to bribe the NC state insurance commissioner with a $1.5 million donation to his reelection bid and another $250k donation from the NC Republican party in exchange for favorable treatment for a business associate friend of his who demanded the removal of an insurance regulator who oversaw his companies then lied to the FBI when they confronted him
    02 Apr 2019
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Communicated through close intermediaries to his personal lawyer Michael Cohen that he would pardon him if he didn't cooperate with prosecutors and provide them with potentially damaging information about his business and financial dealings days after the FBI raided Cohen's office and residence
    13 Mar 2019
    According to the text of two emails obtained by CNN
  • Publicly signaled he would pardon his former campaign manager Paul Manafort if he refused to cooperate with the Mueller investigation after it was reported Manafort repeatedly lied to federal investigators in violation of his earlier plea agreement
    27 Nov 2018
    According to an interview Trump gave with the New York Post
  • State Rep. Jim Harrison [R-SC]
    Accepted over $900,000 from a well-connected political consultant in exchange for acting in his client's interests in secret by not disclosing the true source of the funds as required by state law then lied to a grand jury about it in an attempt to cover it up
    26 Oct 2018
    He was found guilty and sentenced to eighteen months in prison
  • State Rep. Adam Thomas [R-KS]
    Lied on an official document by attesting that a campaign donor's home he and his family were temporarily residing in was his official address which allowed him to run for a state congressional district that he otherwise wouldn't have been able to since his permanent address was outside district lines
    06 Sep 2018
    According to charging documents filed by local officials
  • David Martinez [2018 GOP MN City Council Member Nominee]
    Screamed "f*ck you!" to multiple library staff so loudly that he could be heard in the children's area on the other side of the building then refused a police officer's order to leave after staff called them for assistance resulting in him being banned from city libraries for one month
    16 Jul 2018
    According to a police report filed by local officials and reported by local media
  • Justice Allen Loughry [R-WV]
    Used a government-issued credit card for personal expenses including gasoline, claimed mileage for trips that he used a government-owned vehicle for, pressured a witness to lie to federal investigators and lied to investigators himself
    20 Jun 2018
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Rep. Max Miller [R-OH]
    Sucker-punched someone in the back of the head and attempted to run away from the police but got caught
    30 Mar 2018
    According to an exclusive report by The Washington Post
  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio [R-AZ]
    Blatantly disregarded a new law that prevented the targeting of people of Latino descent showing complete disdain for "law and order" while also having had espoused excessive over-the-top rhetoric that claimed the opposite and was found guilty of criminal contempt of court
    31 Jul 2017
    He was convicted of criminal contempt but was pardoned by Donald Trump before being sentenced
  • GOP County Chair David Narramore [R-KY]
    Tapped his foot against a man sitting next to him in a department store bathroom -- a code widely known as soliciting sex -- then exposed himself to the same person and later had to be tased and physically subdued by several police officers after he fought being placed under arrest
    19 Jul 2017
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Aide Jesse Benton
    Illegally paid Iowa state senator Kent Sorenson $73,000 to switch his 2016 Presidential candidate endorsement from Michelle Bachmann to Ron Paul and then falsified campaign reports to cover it up
    05 May 2016
    According to a federal jury who convicted him
  • State Rep. Thad Viers [R-SC]
    Conspired with a business executive to hide $524,000 in assets owed to an insurance company that was left on the hook for a $6 million contract the executive failed to fulfill and then intentionally lied to an IRS investigator when questioned
    20 Oct 2015
    According to charging documents filed by federal officials
  • Federal Judge Mark Fuller [R]
    Repeatedly lied under oath and made false statements to the chief judge of a federal court by falsely claiming her had never hit, kicked, or punched his ex-wife when in fact he had done all three on multiple occasions
    05 Sep 2015
    According to a report conducted by federal officials submitted to Congress
  • Speaker Dennis Hastert [R-IL]
    Illegally structured hush money payments of $1.7 million to elude federal bank reporting requirements in order to hide the fact he was paying the victim of his past sex crimes and lied to Federal investigators about it
    01 Jun 2015
    He pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 months in prison, two years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine
  • Ben Suarez [Conservative Businessman]
    Illegally used his family, employees, and friends as "straw donors" to donate $100k each to two political candidates and later interfered with the criminal case by attempting to influence a government witness
    14 Nov 2014
    According to charging documents filed by federal prosecutors
  • Annette Bosworth [2014 SD GOP Sen. Candidate]
    Filed false election documents attesting she personally gathered the requisite amount of voter signatures required for her to get on the ballot for a US Senate election then lied to state officials when they confronted her
    05 Jun 2014
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Federal Judge Samuel Kent [R]
    Lied to a committee of judges investigating him for sexual harassment in an effort to shield himself from consequences for his behavior in what one law professor characterized as "sort of mind-blowing" for a federal judge to obstruct justice as it "betrayed his oath in the most fundamental way"
    11 May 2009
    According to court records reported by the media
  • Commissioner Bernard Kerik [R-NY]
    Accepted $255,000 worth of lavish home renovations and over $236,000 in rental payments from billionaire business developer Eitan Wertheimer in exchange for using his position as NYPD Commissioner to lobby on Wertheimer's behalf with city officials, failed to report the additional income on his federal taxes and lied to federal investigators when confronted about it
    09 Nov 2007
    He pleaded guilty to tax fraud and was sentenced to 4 years in prison