Corrupt Misuse of Government Resources by Republicans for Political Gain

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  • Kevin McCarthy [R-CA]
    Ordered a politicized impeachment inquiry to shamelessly smear President Biden with ridiculous claims to appease Donald Trump and House MAGA House extremists (with leverage to remove him as Speaker) and presumably to also distract from the myriad of real crimes committed by Trump and his associates
    12 Sep 2023
    According to reporting by mainstream outlets
  • Jim Jordan [R-OH]
    Opened a sham investigation into Jack Smith's prosecution of Donald Trump and his co-conspirators based on ridiculous claims from a lawyer involved in the case presumably to hinder it
    07 Sep 2023
    According to an exclusive report by NBC News
  • House Republicans
    Opened a baseless investigation into Fani Willis, the Georgia prosecutor who filed criminal charges against Donald Trump and 18 others, presumably to deflect attention away from the many crimes Trump committed
    24 Aug 2023
    According to a press release by the Republican led House Judiciary Committee
  • Harry Sidhu [R-CA]
    Took advantage of his position as mayor to muscle himself onto a negotiating team involved with a $320 million MLB stadium project and later shared confidential information with the owner of the team with the expectation of getting "at least" a million-dollar political donation in return and then lied to federal agents when they questioned him about it
    16 Aug 2023
    Allegedly according to reporting from credible media outlets
  • Pushed the IRS to open investigations on FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in violation of a federal law that prohibits a President from "directly or indirectly" ordering the IRS to investigate or audit individual people
    07 Jul 2023
    According to a sworn statement by former White House chief of staff John Kelly
  • James Comer [R-KY]
    Weaponized his GOP committee by threatening FBI Director Christopher Wray with an unprecedented charge of contempt of Congress to get access to a document discredited as not reliable enough to pursue as part of a shameless political smear campaign and sham investigation against Joe Biden without regard to protecting the identities of redacted sources
    05 Jun 2023
    According to voluminous reports filed by mainstream media outlets
  • Pushed the Justice Department to keep open a political investigation looking into the Clinton Foundation long after it became abundantly clear no wrongdoing was found by investigators
    22 May 2023
    According to an exclusive report by The New York Times
  • Mark Brnovich
    Refused to publicly release a final report his own staff spent 10,000 hours on that debunked 2020 election conspiracy theories because it didn't back up his claim that the election was rife with fraud after he publicly claimed he had found "serious vulnerabilities" in the voting system which wasn't true
    22 Feb 2023
    According to documents released by his successor and reported on by The Washington Post
  • Bill Barr
    Repeatedly injected himself into special counsel John Durham's political investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia scandal in order to help Trump and discredit his detractors which led to his second in command resigning in protest and another taking a new job outside of the investigation
    26 Jan 2023
    According to an exclusive report by The New York Times
  • Tina Peters [R-CO]
    Allowed an unauthorized individual to make copies of voting machine hard drives and attend a voting machine software update intended only for credentialed election officials
    09 Mar 2022
    According to charging documents filed by the Colorado Attorney General
  • TX Ken Paxton [R]
    Accepted thousands of dollars' worth of home remodeling and repairs in addition to securing employment for a woman he was having an affair with from wealthy real estate developer Nate Paul in exchange for investigating Paul's business adversaries and helping him settle a lawsuit in his favor
    11 Feb 2021
    According to an official complaint filed by seven of Paxton's top aides
  • Gave his 2020 Republican acceptance speech from the White House lawn in what one expert described as an “abomination” that “may be the most visible misuse of official position for private gain in America’s history”
    28 Aug 2020
    According to multiple experts on the law and government regulations
  • House Republicans
    Created a politicized special committee into the 2012 Benghazi attacks -- three years after the attacks happened -- that was designed to undermine Hillary Clinton's standing with the public just as she ramped up her Presidential campaign
    12 Oct 2015
    According to reporting by all major mainstream outlets