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  • Activist Steve Alembik
    shot his wife in her back and arm causing serious injuries and then killed himself while sitting in their car outside a fast-food restaurant
    17 Oct 2023
    According to police records first reported by The Miami Herald
  • David Truax
    physically assaulted his estranged wife resulting in charges and a restraining order against him, which he promptly violated by going to her home, injuring her and damaging her property
    25 Mar 2023
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • GOP Donor Dana White
    slapped his much smaller wife twice after she slapped him first at a NYE party
    02 Jan 2023
    According to video of the incident verified by TMZ
  • Herschel Walker [2022 GOP GA Senator Nominee]
    choked and threw a punch at his ex-girlfriend Cheryl Parsa after she confronted him about a woman she suspected he was cheating on her with
    01 Dec 2022
    According to victim testimony in a report from The Daily Beast
  • Judge Sabrina Bell [R-IN]
    struck her ex-husband in the face in front of their children after she initiated a verbal argument with him
    12 May 2022
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Gov. Eric Greitens [R-MO]
    pushed his wife to the floor and took all her personal belongings including her cellphone, wallet, and keys so she couldn't call for help or escape their house with her children
    22 Mar 2022
    According to a sworn affidavit by his ex-wife and reported by national media
  • Sean Parnell [2020 PA GOP Sen. Candidate]
    choked and strangled his wife multiple times, once kicked her out of their car on the side of the highway when she was pregnant, struck his child leaving a handprint, and hit another child with a door leaving a bruise over a yearslong period
    22 Nov 2021
    According to court records in an order granting his ex-wife sole legal custody of their children
  • Rep. Max Miller [R-OH]
    forcefully threw his girlfriend and former Trump White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham against a wall and slapped her on the face in his apartment after she accused him of being unfaithful
    28 Jul 2021
    According to an exclusive report by Politico
  • Herschel Walker [2022 GOP GA Senator Nominee]
    pointed a loaded gun against his ex-wife's head and threatened to kill her and her new boyfriend, after which she got a restraining order issued against him
    23 Jul 2021
    According to a police affidavit filed by his ex-wife's sister
  • Trevor Bauer [Conservative Celebrity]
    repeatedly choked his ex-girlfriend to the point of unconsciousness and beat her like a "rag doll" during which she suffered black eyes, a swollen lip, deep bruising and scratches on her face
    30 Jun 2021
    According to a monthslong investigation by MLB that resulted in the longest ever suspension of a player of 194 games for violating its domestic violence policies
  • Rep. Lauren Boebert [R-CO]
    scratched her boyfriend's face and chest and vandalized the inside of his home during a drunken argument that happened when she wasn't old enough to legally drink alcohol
    16 Jan 2021
    According to an exclusive report by The New York Post
  • David Martinez [2018 GOP MN City Council Member Nominee]
    grabbed his wife by the neck and threw her against a shelving unit
    16 Jul 2018
    According to court records reported by local media
  • State Rep. Nick Miccarelli [R-PA]
    grabbed state rep Tarah Toohil by the neck and pinned her against a wall inside the state Capitol, kicked, and pinched her and once brandished his gun and threatened to kill both of them, which prompted her to get a restraining order against him
    18 May 2018
    According to an exclusive report published by The New York Times
  • Rob Porter [White House Staff]
    frequently threw his wife Colbie Holderness on their bed and choked, physically restrained, and grinded an elbow or knee into her body to "emphasize his anger" while he yelled at her, which she described as "very scary and dehumanizing"
    08 Feb 2018
    According to her account in an interview with FBI agents conducting a background check on Porter
  • Rob Porter [White House Staff]
    kicked his newlywed wife Colbie Holderness in the leg during a flight to their honeymoon destination which left her stunned because she had "just tied the knot with him" days earlier
    08 Feb 2018
    According to her account in an interview with FBI agents conducting a background check on Porter
  • Rob Porter [White House Staff]
    punched his wife Colbie Holderness in the face giving her a black eye while they were vacationing in Italy of which she had photographic evidence
    08 Feb 2018
    According to her account in an interview with FBI agents conducting a background check on Porter
  • violently yanked out a fistful of Ivana Trump's hair because she recommended a plastic surgeon to remove a bald spot in a procedure that he did not know would be painful
    17 Oct 2016
    According to a sworn court deposition by Ivana Trump
  • Federal Judge Mark Fuller [R]
    physically abused his wife at least eight separate times over a period of time ranging from when they were dating to the final assault that happened in a Ritz-Carlton hotel which resulted in his arrest
    05 Sep 2015
    According to a report conducted by federal officials submitted to Congress
  • Bill O'Reilly [Host]
    allegedly choked his then wife and dragged her down the stairs by her neck during an argument witnessed by his daughter
    21 May 2015
    According to allegations made by O'Reilly's daughter in court filings during his divorce proceedings
  • Rep. James Comer [R-KY]
    physically abused his college girlfriend by grabbing her wrists so hard they would bruise and emotionally abused her by controlling many aspects of her life and demanding to approve of anyone she interacted with
    05 May 2015
    According to an exclusive interview of the alleged victim by The Courier-Journal
  • Federal Judge Mark Fuller [R]
    struck his wife multiple times in the face, yanked her hair, threw her to the ground, and dragged and kicked her inside their hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel after she confronted him over an affair he was having with a law clerk
    18 Sep 2014
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • Rob Porter [White House Staff]
    yanked his wife Jennifer Willoughby out of the shower by her neck and shoulders and violently screamed at her while she tried to get out of his grasp
    08 Feb 2013
    According to her account in an interview with FBI agents conducting a background check on Porter
  • Radio Host William Lewis
    choked his wife from behind, raced to snatch her cell phone before she could get to it and call for help, and told her "if you call [the police] you know what will happen" which left her "visibly shaking and crying" especially since he did all of this in front of their two young children
    29 Aug 2012
    According to charging documents filed by local police
  • County Treasurer John Chartier [R-NV]
    had his longtime friend murder his ex-wife and her father at their home out of a bitter custody dispute over their young son in which she planned to move out of the state away from him but unfortunately was too late
    26 May 2010
    According to a jury who found him guilty of murder
  • State Rep. Steve Nunn [R-KY]
    intentionally shot and killed his former fiancé months after she sought and received a protective restraining order against him
    15 Sep 2009
    According to charging documents filed by local officials