Republicans Negligent Drinking of Alcohol While Doing Political Work

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  • Rep. Lauren Boebert [R-CO]
    drank so much alcohol at a political dinner and gala that servers cut her off and told her she couldn't have any more because she was noticeably drunk
    05 Apr 2024
  • Rep. Derrick Van Orden
    held an alcohol fueled party in his Congressional office moments before he went on an unhinged rant against teenage Senate pages for not being respectful of the history and grandeur of the US Capitol
    28 Jul 2023
    According to a photograph of his office that showed copious amounts of alcohol on a nearby table
  • State House Speaker Dade Phelan [R-TX]
    repeatedly slurred his speech and swayed back and forth as he led official proceedings as the Texas Speaker of the House in a way fellow Republican and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton described as "debilitating intoxication"
    19 May 2023
    According to reports by local and state media
  • drank alcohol "all day and night" despite having serious professional responsibilities including being a lawyer for Donald Trump according to his aide Noelle Dunphy who had a job to make sure he was a "functioning" alcoholic
    16 May 2023
    According to a civil lawsuit filed by former employee Noelle Dunphy reported on by mainstream outlets
  • Rep. Blake Farenthold [R-TX]
    routinely "drank to excess” at Capitol Hill functions so much that his staff felt they had to be on "red head patrol" in order to "keep him out of trouble" because he would regularly say sexually improper things to female staff and lobbyists when he was drunk
    01 Dec 2017
    According to an exclusive report by Politico
  • District Attorney Matthew Shirk [R-FL]
    discussed showering and having sex with three subordinates in private messages, sent one a private message that said "I think if we had sex there would be very minimal awkwardness afterwards," drank to excess with them in his office and later fired all three after his wife caught him
    05 Jan 2017
    According to an exclusive report by The Florida Times-Union