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  • Zack Scrivner [County Supervisor]
    armed himself with a gun while experiencing what his aunt told police was a psychotic episode and got in a physical altercation with his minor children who wound up stabbing him twice to protect themselves and disarm him and was found to be in possession of thirty firearms and psychedelic mushrooms when police arrived
    25 Apr 2024
  • Trent Hinkle [R-IN]
    threw his phone in a rage and struck his less than 14-year-old foster child in the leg resulting in a cut and bruise during an argument over not cleaning their room
    01 Mar 2023
    According to a police report filed by local officials
  • Steven Pankey [1800 ID GOP Candidate]
    shot a 12-year-old girl in the head and then buried her body after kidnapping her from her home
    31 Oct 2022
    According to charging documents filed by state officials
  • GOP County Ben Ignatowicz [R-SC]
    spanked a child under his care in the bottom so hard that it caused bruising and admitted to police officers that he "would agree it was excessive"
    02 May 2022
    According to charging documents filed by state police
  • GOP County Nathan Tabor [R-NC]
    mentally and emotionally abused his minor child by implying they will "burn in hell" and spitefully wished they will become ill any time they "see or touch something" they enjoyed over a series of texts and emails that resulted in his estranged wife being granted a restraining order against him
    20 Apr 2022
    According to a police report filed by his estranged wife
  • Eric Greitens [R-MO]
    struck his three-year-old son in the face and also yanked him around by his hair
    22 Mar 2022
    According to a sworn affidavit by his ex-wife and reported by national media
  • Sean Parnell [2020 PA GOP Candidate]
    choked and strangled his wife multiple times, once kicked her out of their car on the side of the highway when she was pregnant, struck his child leaving a handprint and hit another child with a door leaving a bruise over a yearslong period
    22 Nov 2021
    According to court records in an order granting his ex-wife sole legal custody of their children